Volume IX, Issue 9, Page 117

Chassisworks Direct-Fit FAB9 Systems For Fox Mustangs!

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks now offers complete FAB9 systems that directly replace factory axle housings and rear suspensions in 1979-2004 Mustangs.

Super-strong, lightweight FAB9 housings are available in stock or narrowed widths (down to 49”) and accept either OEM or aftermarket control arms.  Multiple mounting positions for the shock absorbers and lower control arms enable easy adjustments to ride height and instant center. Billet housing ends, hardware and photo-illustrated instructions are supplied.   

Available chromemoly control arms are mounted in rubber or urethane bushings (street/strip use) or spherical bearings (racing). Money-saving package deals further include a back brace; single- or double-adjustable VariShocks; and an antiroll bar with wheelie-bar mounts that installs below the housing, creating clearance for full-length exhaust.  Complete 9” third members, correct-length axles and Wilwood disc brakes are also available.

Call (916) 388-0288 for details, or download data sheets at www.cachassisworks.com.

ZEX Turbo Nitrous System

Turbos make incredible power on any engine, but the downside is that it takes several seconds for the turbo to build power producing boost. The ZEX Turbo Nitrous System eliminates this boost lag by injecting a shot of nitrous when the engine goes to wide open throttle. This nitrous generates additional exhaust volume that spools the turbo up instantly. Once the turbo builds boost, the ZEX kit automatically shuts off using the supplied, fully adjustable boost switch.

Along with excellent turbo response, the ZEX kit will also provides maximum engine safety and ease of use. The ZEX nitrous system uses an advanced technology called Active Fuel Control. This technology monitors the bottle pressure and adjusts the fuel enrichment so you are never too rich or too lean.

For more information www.zex.com.


This new clutch assembly replaces the stock Twin Disc pressure plate with a more reliable assembly with a higher holding capacity that is designed for use with a Centerforce flywheel for perfect fit and function.

The Centerforce LMC Series is a specifically designed low inertia performance clutch that dramatically reduces engine rotating mass.  These lightweight, SFI approved competition clutches are intended with most road racing and circle track applications in mind.  Centerforce machines these special pressure plates from high-strength aircraft-grade billet aluminum and then attach a special heat-treated replaceable friction surface. 

For more information visit www.centerforce.com.

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