Volume IX, Issue 8, Page 122

Retrotek Boss EFI

The BossEFI simply replaces the carburetor, providing a clean muscular appearance. It is identical in all critical dimensions to a 4150 and features four high-pressure port-style injectors placed strategically above the throttle plates, providing optimum fuel atomization and power output. In direct back-to-back comparisons to port EFI BossEFI made equal or more power.

The Stage II Engine Management System has an “adaptive learning” feature that self-tunes as you drive. It takes its information from a wideband O2 sensor and control module, with no welding necessary for the sensor installation thanks to an innovative clamp that attaches to the exhaust. Another hurdle for EFI that no longer exists is the need for a fuel tank return line. The external RetroTek electric fuel pump is controlled by the ECU and provides exactly the right fuel quantity and pressure.

For more information, visit www.retrotekspeed.com.

AEROMOTIVE Double Adjustable Carbureted Regulator

The Aeromotive Double Adjustable Carbureted Regulator was designed for use with Aeromotive mechanical fuel pumps. This regulator guarantees precise, accurate, repeatable and reliable fuel control unmatched by any other fuel pressure regulator. Set your idle pressure separate from your high rpm settings.  No jets, pills, or ball valves required. The single -10AN O-ring style port inlet port is perfect for use with a fuel log, and the -10 AN return port is large enough for big mechanical pumps.

To learn more about Aeromotive’s extensive line of products visit them online at www.aeromotiveinc.com

The Mighty Sportsman Competition Carburetor

The new Mighty Sportsman carburetor by Demon is designed for the entry-level sportsman racer.  It is available in three separate configurations: oval track with special floats and secondary power valve, drag race with notched floats and jet extensions, and road race or slalom with special floats and secondary power valve.

Available with cfm ratings of 575, 650, 750, 800, 825, and 850, the Mighty Sportsman features interchangeable air bleeds and idle-feed restrictors, which are ideal for fine-tuning at the track or during dynamometer testing.  It also boasts free-flowing air-entries, ridge-free concentric venturi bores, large capacity fuel bowls with sight glasses, and billet metering blocks and baseplate.

For complete information, visit www.barrygrant.com for the latest Catalog/Technical Manual.

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