Volume IX, Issue 11, Page 78

New FAST Dual-Sync Distributors

By offering easy, drop-in installation and precise timing, the new FAST Dual-Sync Distributors are the most user friendly distributors you can buy for high performance street engines utilizing the FAST XFI Fuel Injection System. Equipped with dual, discreet signal pickups, they provide fully sequential EFI operation, and the billet 6061-T6 CNC-machined housing ensures long life.

The FAST Dual-Sync Distributors fit most popular V8 domestic engine applications and drop into the standard factory distributor openings without modification. To install, simply set the engine at TDC, drop-in the distributor and turn the base until the LEDs light-up, and then simply lock it down, and your engine is properly timed. FAST Dual-Sync Distributors come complete with instructions and the proper connector to plug directly into the XFI main harness for plug-and play operation.

In addition, these distributors come standard with heavy-duty cast iron gears; upgraded polymer and bronze gears are also available. For more information about the FAST Dual-Sync Distributors or any other FAST product, visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com.


We’ve all been frustrated with a bolt located in such a tight space (header bolt!) you can’t possibly get a ratchet on it. Each patented Socket Assist has a 12-point end to facilitate finger turning until snug. Also the Socket Assist allows using a combination wrench that’s equal to or smaller than the socket drive size. They are available in 1/4x1/4, 1/4x3/8 and 3/8x3/8-inch sizes.

Socket Assist allows a large spark plug socket with a 3/8-inch drive opening to be turned by a small 1/4-inch open end or ratchet wrench. The tools non-12-point end has a 1/4 or 3/8-inch square drive with a spring-loaded detent ball that secures the socket. All three sizes are included in the self-sealing blister pack, and Proform now has the new Clipstrip for easy handling and POP display box for retail sales. To preview all their handy automotive tools, internal and external engine parts and more, visit www.proformparts.com.


The new DMPE fuel management block is a modular design in which the racer can add more fuel management control as needed. The basic unit can be simple as a single controlled jet, and as your needs increase so can the amount of fuel management. Additional management sections can be inserted to expand the management log infinitely. While the norm is a three control log, we have demand for four and even five controlled jet systems, and now this is achievable with our cost effective fuel block system.

Secondary to the control is the unit’s compact design. It has no bulky fittings or potential leaky manifolds. The DMPE unit requires one -6 line in and one -6 line out. We also have allowed provisions so it is possible for these lines to enter or exit from any side of the unit, to further add to ease of fit into today’s modern compact racing environments.

The DMPE modular management blocks are 3D designed and CNC machined to ensure exact fit and function required by today’s racers.

Please log onto dmpeinc.com for pricing and info.

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