Words by Jim Baker
Photos by Tim Marshall

Way back in the mid-1960s, one of the products developed by Bill Thomas Race Cars was a very popular front-end sub-frame replacement for 1963-67 Chevy II’s. When Thomas closed and Chevrolet quit racing in 1970, that innovation appeared lost to the performance world until Chris Alston’s Chassisworks came along.

The Sacramento, California-based company once again offers the front sub-frame kit for all Chevy II’s through 1967. They also started making chassis kits for many of the most popular muscle cars.

This blue ’64 Nova featured here began its racing career as a test vehicle for Chris Alston’s Chassisworks street performance kits and mods and over time morphed into the ten-wide racecar it is today. The car utilizes a Chassisworks chassis from the fire wall back and a Chassisworks (bolt on) front-end kit. The front-end kit installed on the 200+ mph Nova (currently driven by Alston Jr.) was ordered straight out of the Chassisworks catalog and is absolutely identical to what any customer would have if they bought one from the company.

The fact is that almost every part on the record-shattering Nova is manufactured or supplied by one of Chris Alston’s companies!