At the age of fourteen Robert Sellers found two loves of his life, Mopar and Drag Racing. At first Robert thought that he’d be racing in circles rather than the straight line. "I’ve always had a love for cars," said Sellers. "Actually I used to race on the local dirt roads. I thought I was going to be a roundy-round racer."

A trip to South Carolina’s Orangeburg Drag Strip changed all of that. After seeing all the cars and horsepower that they made Sellers was hooked. The thought of racing in circles never crossed his mind again. At that same time Robert fell in love with the Mopar brand, primarily the Dodge.

While at Orangeburg Drag Strip Robert made his trip down the eighth mile and, of course, it was in a Mopar, a 1961 Plymouth Valiant. It was powered by a slant six but was enough for him to get his feet wet. Robert hung on to the Valiant while he switched cars and started racing a 1963 Dodge Dart. Like the Valiant the Dart was also equipped with a slant six. He raced that car for several years while working on the Valiant.

Sellers makes a few adjustments on his 572 inch turbocharged Mopar wedge-head between rounds.