Graeme with his wife, Linda, after winning the Stock class at the 2007 U.S. Nationals, driving Norm Lapoint’s 1968 Chevelle station wagon.

Cooper launches at the Australian Nationals.

Cooper and the “Brickie” had won 35 ANDRA national and state events and titles, along with three Australian Super Sedan Championships, but a win at the Nationals had always eluded them.

“I won the Nationals almost 20 years ago driving for someone else, and I’d even won class at the U.S. Nationals in a borrowed car, but a Big Go title in the ‘Brickie’ was missing, and it was the fire in the belly that’s kept me going,” Cooper said.

“I’m rapt now, it feels like we’ve now done it all in Australian drag racing.

“We’ll keep racing, but we can relax and enjoy it all a bit more from now on.”