What fans want in the 2016 NHRA TV show

We asked our readers to tell us what they would like to see on the NHRA television program this season as the NHRA takes over production of the show airing on FOX. Here are those comments.

I am sort of parroting Aaron (Polburn) here - the best sell they will have is to follow the WWF/WWE or whatever it is - good guys and bad guys. AND it doesn't matter if it's an act or for real - no one is going to get that close to the truth. The major problem with the idea is the corporate suits of the sponsors, most of them are going to have issues with it especially if their guy or gal is in the "bad camp". The drama this brings to the circuit is always good for the show.

I think everyone is tired of the driver popping out of the car and going with the "Aspirin/Toilet Water/Oil Company whatever was on a roll today but not quite good enough, we'll work on it and be ready for next week" comments. What people want to hear is this: "I was pretty sure I could take so & so out in this round and keep him/her from gaining any more points in this deal - looks like to me they're cheating and I am going to have a heart to heart with the big tech guy to get this straightened out before next week or I am going to do something about it myself."

Drama - real or imagined is really what television is all about.

Charles Rutherford

Too many replays of the same run. If they were to do that they could shorten the show. 3 hours is too long.

Gene Amaya

NHRA TV: cars going down the track live, no Ashley’s cat stories, more small team cars going down down the track.

(No name)

Include finals from Sportsman and Pro Mod.

Stan Ray

First thing-lay off the Force circus show. We all know both daughters would have not been afforded these top quality rides if it wasn’t for their father. There is no way I can worship these drivers, as they probably could not even tell you want a ¾ drive socket is.

Focus on the REAL racers.

The Golden Greek blows me away-how many decades of slugging wrenches in Top Fuel-now he is an icon, in my, my wife’s and children’s (two boys in their 30’s) eyes. Plus I don’t think he has “thrown” any races, to let others win.

Also focus more on the sportsman racers-they are the true lifeblood of the NHRA.

But then again, the upper brass keeps on sucking the life out of the NHRA, with their salaries.

One may say I’m not an NHRA fan. I was devout with Wally at the helm. Now I’m sickened with them. Actually couldn’t care less about them and their travelling circus.

Thank God for PDRA, EOPM, NEOPM. This coming from a Canadian that has been around racing a lot in his 60-year existence.

John Venditti