Cole Coonce’s March Meet Journal


No matter how you slice it, over fifty nitro-guzzling machines are entered for competition at the March 6-9 March Meet at Famoso Raceway north of Bakersfield, Calif. The majority of fuel-burners consist of AA/Funny Cars, with 30 racers officially entered in the class. Among the more noteworthy is Tim Boychuk, who won last year in his Troy Lee Designs '77 Firebird but lost in 2012 due to a technical infraction. He has reunited with former tuner, "the Hawaiian" Roland Leong, who wants to do to the rest of the flopper field what his ancestors did to Captain Cook.

Boychuk and Leong will have a tough road to Don Ho, of course. Among the ferocious funnies that also want to make mincemeat of the March Meet are NHRA Heritage Series champ Jason Rupert, who set Low ET and Top Speed last year with terrific times of 5.69 seconds and 255 mph. However, Rupert may not be the quickest nor fastest, if the out-of-towners have any input.