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"REVENGE OF THE LIST! Part 3: Bride of the List"

Kicking things off with a timeless classic here, with...


Alright, stop rolling your eyes! The only thing more American than the automobile is Walt Disney, and all the good he and his organization have steered our way. This was probably the first 'car movie' a good chunk of us saw anyway, and is a great one to grab off the shelf for when the grandkids come over. 

Reportedly the last live-action feature that Uncle Walter gave the green-light to before his passing, this one has the usual cadre of contract players in it: Dean Jones, best remembered for, well, HALF the films Disney did; David Tomlinson (the bad Dad in Mary Poppins); 'ol Leadbottom himself, Joe Flynn, and more. (Gung-ho Steve Martin fans will spot Wally Boag’s name in the credits as well.) 

That Buddy Hackett was a Disney regular always cracked me up, the only thing better than getting away with staying up late on a school night to see Johnny Carson was when he'd have Hackett, who was bleeped out endlessly, and was notorious for his "blue" Vegas shows. But when the director of a Disney production yelled ACTION, he was nothing but adorable. 

The story is of sad-sack racer Jim Douglas, who finds redemption with the help of a magical VW Beetle, and gets the girl along the way (Michelle Lee, who, as her first scene attests to, has a pretty nice pair of gams). Lots of footage from dear, departed Riverside Raceway along for the ride.