The first lesson of Marketing 101 is to get the word out and drag racing promoters have used a wide variety of radio and TV approaches to grab the attention of drag fans.  

Seemingly a lost art today is the single sheet of printer’s card stock poster heralding the weekend show of Top Fuelers, Funny Cars, Jets, World Records, East –vs– West or the latest fast interloper from another part of the country towing in to take on the local hot shoes.

Collecting these posters is a passion for a few, but over the years a lot of racers simply stapled event posters to the walls of their shops and garages as a remnant of past accomplishments.  Collecting fragile drag racing paper remnants like posters, weekly drag newspapers and handouts takes some effort to preserve these delicate artifacts of our history.

Recently, Funny Car pilot Cory Lee and nitro tuner Donnie Couch gave us a chance to view and shoot some of their priceless collection of this mostly forgotten part of race promotion; the drag event poster.

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