Ulf Leanders drove to a 5.888 second, 202.21 mph lap for his runner up TAFC finish.

David Rampy, Piedmont, Ala., took the easy win in Comp Eliminator as Chuck Haubiel, Gahanna, Ohio, left early with a red-light foul start while Michael Volkman and Dean Mirra each captured their first wins. Volkman, Campobello, S.C., took a big lead off the start and forced Jerry Holman, Hendersonville, Tenn., to break out and Mirra, Wellington, Fla., had a nice .009-second reaction time in winning over John Rollins, High Springs, Fla.


Round 1

2) Megan Meyer, Spring Hill, Kan., 5.257, 276.41 def. 7) Jackie Fricke, Flemington, N.J., 5.301, 274.55

8) Josh Hart, Ocala, Fla., 5.434, 251.63 def. 1) Justin Ashley, Plainview, N.Y., broke

3) Mia Tedesco, Murrysville, Pa., 5.408, 256.55 def. 6) Rich McPhillips, Phoenixville, Pa., foul

5) Rich Bourke, Old Tappan, N.J., 5.206, 279.85 def. 4) Duane Shields, Boulder City, Nev., 5.261, 274.50


Meyer, 5.290, 274.50 def. Tedesco, 5.298, 269.56

Bourke, 5.255, 276.69 def. Hart, 5.394, 245.14


Meyer, 5.243, 276.86 def. Bourke, 5.388, 251.30