In Super Street, Jeff Lindstrom’s ’69 Mustang from Saugus, CA, got the win over Daniel McClelland’s ’80 Malibu wagon based in Rancho Cucamonga.

Richard Okerman’s ’89 Beretta from Torrance, CA, got the holeshot win in Top Comp with a .012 RT and a 4.543/149.75 over Chino, CA, Ryan Priddy’s 4.238/164.43 but with a .033 RT.

ELECTRONICS: Jeff Interlicchia, Riverside, CA, ’66 Coronote, .025 RT, 6.757/93.65 def. Greg Vining, Gardena, CA, ’66 Nova, .332 RT, 5.945/113.53

NO ELECTRONICS: CW Hoeffer, Calimesa, CA, ’87 Firebird, .025 RT, 7.622/86.82 def. Daniel McClelland, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, ’80 Malibu wagon, .112 RT, 6.440/104.70