Billy Bailey Jr. (10.73) 10.745, 65.15 def. Iain Grae (8.00) 8.03, 88.15.

If you had that "Greg" would win the Electronics Gamblers Race in the track pool, you'd be guaranteed a winner. After deciding whether or not to split, Greg Meuth (Boerne) and Greg Duffield (Temple) decided to go ahead and run. Meuth in his Quality Care Automotive, TnT Chassis, cut a .005 light to chase down Duffield, in his ACS Data Recovery Dragster, and the two were side by side on the top end. Meuth took the victory by .0102 with Duffield breaking out by .0005. OUCH!

Greg Meuth (4.79) 4.801, 136.12 def. Greg Duffield (4.84) 4.395, 143.77 (break out).

The Foot Brake finals it was a classic battle between a door car and a motorcycle. Michael Wayne Turman (Thorndale) on his Eighth-Mile Outlaws Hayabusa was paired with Donna Lummus (China) in her old school SS Chevy Nova. Turman got almost 2/100th advantage on the tree and ran down Lummus on the top end to get the holeshot win.