D.R.A.W. board gears up for busy season!

As the entire country starts to gear up for racing during the month of April so does the D.R.A.W. Board and new President. Just like entering a sanctioned body event for racers there is a process to the voting for the D.R.A.W. board members. The D.R.A.W. Board of Trustees is composed of twelve members who each serve a two-year term. Each year six of the members are up for re-election.

The process starts with a nomination process during the month of October and an election through the D.R.A.W. members during the month of December. The new members are announced during January with the first Board of Trustees meeting-taking place during the month of March at the NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida.

This past month the 2009 D.R.A.W. Board of Trustees met with the leadership of a new president Beth Hyatt. Beth is a familiar figure on the NHRA midway with the presence of Hyatt Racing Equipment display trailers.

The D.R.A.W. board for 2009 is compromised of Vicki Aswege, Diane Cole, Karen Comstock, Debra Fickler, Carol Gibbs, Beth Hyatt, Sarah McLemore, Rosalee Noble, Pat Schaeffer, Yokie Van Vallis, Tracy Winters and Ashley Yost. The alternate board members include Kevin Bennett and Olan Gotcher. The alternate board members step in if for some reason a board member cannot fulfill their obligations.  

Now to give you just a little insight into the board members and what they contribute to D.R.A.W. and how they are a part of the industry.

Vicki Aswege works at NHRA National Events on the MTS Mail From Home Campaign, collecting post cards and sending to soldiers overseas. Diane Cole and her husband John are avid supporters of D.R.A.W. who walk miles at several NHRA national events to perform 50/50 raffles. Karen Comstock and her husband Roger sponsor Funny Car driver Jack Beckman and operate the “Mail From Home” program through MTS to send mail to the Army troops serving in the war in the Middle East.

Debra Fickler is an attorney who became involved in racing through her husband Kyle. Debra also races at some events in the Stock class. Carol Gibbs is the previous D.R.A.W. president and works in a management capacity for the State of Illinois. Beth Hyatt works with her husband Tim operating Hyatt Racing Equipment where they provide display services for manufacturers and clutch service at the races out of their display trailer.

Sarah McLemore is the D.R.A.W. Division Four representative. Sarah represents D.R.A.W. at most NHRA Division Four events where her husband William participates as an NHRA racer. Rosalee Noble is a constant figure at the D.R.A.W. booth with her husband Terry, who provides ladders sheets to the racers and fans. Rosalee is one of our most dedicated D.R.A.W. Board Members who also works as the Fundraising Chair for fundraising events.

Pat Schaeffer is the NHRA Division One representative who attends the NHRA divisional events and works the booth at the NHRA Nationals events in the Northeastern United States. Pat also hosts the popular pet contest in Reading, Pennsylvania. Yokie Van Vallis is a long-standing member through the participation of her husband Gary Van Vallis as a professional racer in the IHRA circuit. In the past Yokie has hosted an IHRA golf tournament in Norwalk, Ohio.

Tracy Winters is a member of the industry through her affiliation with J.W. Performance Transmissions Inc. Tracy has been a D.R.A.W. member since joining the industry in 1991. Ashley Yost is our newest and youngest board member. Ashley serves in the Public Relations capacity for Don Schumacher Racing.  

Alternate Kevin Bennett has been a member of D.R.A.W. for quite some time and participates in drag racing in the form of NHRA Super Comp and bracket racing. Olan Gotcher is an NHRA racer and operates a printing business. Olan prints the D.R.A.W. newsletter that many of you read.

To receive the D.R.A.W. newsletter and vote for the board members you have to be a member of D.R.A.W. You can find out more about becoming a D.R.A.W. member at www.drawfasthelp.org.

As you can see, the D.R.A.W. Board is compromised of a wide variety of people who all have one mission. That mission is to help assist injured racers during their time of need. It has been my honor to serve of the Board of Trustees since 1991 and to be part of such an amazing Board of Trustees.

Next month you will learn more about the D.R.A.W. golf tournament that took place during the month of March prior to the NHRA National event held in Gainesville, Florida, and the upcoming D.R.A.W. auction taking place in June at the NHRA event held in Chicago, Illinois. 

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