Nostalgia races are springing up all over

ut here on the West Coast, spring kind of sprang straight into summer. The racing has been going on full-tilt since the March Meet and it looks like you folks, living back where you actually have seasons, are going to be getting into the act quite rightly!

Is it just me or are there more nostalgia races this year than any previous year? In May we have Rod and Kulture (yes with a "K") Magazine's Dragfest at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. This event will be over by the time this hits the ether, but I’m sure you’ll check out the coverage right here at DRO. May 15 through the 17th in Petersburg, Virginia, is the Suffolk Raceway Reunion and Nostalgia Nationals. The same weekend, the Heritage series hits the strip at Las Vegas for the Speed Spectacular. May 29 through the 31st at Gateway International Raceway is the Muscle Car Reunion and Nostalgia Drags and the DRO AA/FC Challenge. The 31st has the Northeast Nostalgia Classic going off at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire.

That's right, there are five events in May. We can go back to April where we had two. Now, we are up to seven for the year. Let’s not forget March with two events. Now we're up to nine (number nine). Let’s keep counting, shall we?

June has seven events. Now we are at 16! Dang! July has seven events, for 23 total! August has only six (!) making 29!! September is weak with four races. Thirty-three is the new magic number. October is looking pretty boring with two. Thirty-five is no jive. November has one lonely event. Thirty-six picks to click. December is actually do-able for me with no races. Whew! Thirty-six nostalgia themed races in one year.

And there has to be more that I don’t know of. We haven’t even gotten to the Fuel Altereds or JR. Fuel series guys. Forty is probably conservative. I can’t believe the popularity of this nostalgia stuff. Who knew?

That is a pretty encouraging little exercise. All those race tracks and all you folks across the country supporting your movement in your 'hood. Very cool!

So get on out there this year and support the sport that sports your support. Or something.

Next up on our show, celebrity drivers and the bumps in their road.