We had fun in spite of ourselves

Alright, let's move on. The March Meet is over. Over, I tell ya! What? You want to know how it went? Uh, for me? Or, for the masses that either raced or spectated? Me first?… ok, pull up that wooden Yoo-Hoo crate and sit fer a spell…

We went. We stunk up the joint and went home. 'K? Uh, you want more?

Actually, we had a great time, even with being a big-ass DNQ. We pulled it together kind of last-minute. Even the Burkster put it in his daily blog from The Patch. The whole team came together and in each other's way, had a kind of dysfunctional-drag racer bake sale. We all left no pocket of the suit way in the back of the closet unchecked and none of our kids’ piggy banks were above being skimmed…

We get there Thursday and are invited to display the car at Chuy’s restaurant for the pre-race kick-off party. Heck yeah! This weekend was going to be different for us. We were going to have fun, even if it killed us. The last year or so wasn’t very fun with all of the hurt parts and missed opportunities.

As always when the Bowsers of Famoso Auto Club Raceway are involved, we had a blast. Got to razz some of our competitors and hang with folks we never have time to see while at the track. I even had a couple of adult beverages, which I usually never do on race weekends but, we were going to have fun, damn it! Don’t worry folks, I adhered strictly to NASA’s 12-hour bottle to throttle policy. If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me.

Friday dawned with cool temperatures and periods of light rain. The track crew at Famoso do a bang-up job on track prep so that was not an issue with us. The issue was new heads and a new rear end gear in the car. We had the thing set up soft. The word "pig" comes to mind now.

Along with this, we were lucky to have my old friend Amos Satterlee parked next to us. Amos tunes the Bennett and Fitzgerald “Pure Heaven” funny car. Amos feels sorry for me, so he looked over our shoulders to make sure we weren’t too far over center. Thanks Amos!

To cut to the brass tacks, it shook and I called it. After I jumped out, the top end guys said something had come off of the car out on the track. I was puzzled and after putting my helmet and Hans on the trunk, looked up and saw nothing where just minutes ago was a really cool red plexiglass rear window. “Hey guys, I’m not the coolest cube in the freezer but, I think I know what fell off the car.” They found the junk and we had a spare in the trailer. All was good. Fun, damn it!

For the life of me, I can’t remember what we did Friday night after servicing the car. I didn’t have a headache or anything Saturday morning so… fun, damn it?

Saturday was really nice weather-wise. Time to get the party started! (as they say on the Things’ Wii dance game). Little more mag, one percent more in the tank. Try to lessen the shake thing. In the house for Saturday were the Things and their mom, Pam. Pam was being drafted to do the back-up thing because my regular guy decided at the age of 46, to show his kids how to ride a bowl at the skate park. One broken femur later, it's get well soon, Kenny!

Pam is no rookie, so that was not an issue. We felt good about our chances in what was already shaping up to be a tough field. A little side note about Pam helping us out. It seems that a little informal pool had started up in the lanes before funny car qualifying. People were placing bets on whether when Pam jumped over the wall, I was going to put the car in forward…please folks, we are past that. But, we all had a good laugh. Fun, damn it!