The March Meet and a few other things

I warned you last time, so it should be no surprise that we are going to talk about the 51st March Meet. And as it has been written about this event time and time again -  This is It! The Big One. Our Tour de France, our Kentucky Derby, our Indy 500, our Hangtown GP, our Mavericks. Forgive me for saying that, in my opinion, it is NOT our Woodstock. For one thing, the people smell better and I'll leave it at that.

Yes friends, it's the biggest race of the year and, thankfully, done for the actual sake of racing. People, for the most part, ignore the purse. At last count, the entries were at 530. Some folks are even on a waiting list, but the rumored 32-car Nitro Funny field has yet to materialize. In case you didn't know, it was mentioned in Drag Racer magazine that if 32 cars were to pre-enter, the Bowsers would consider an expanded qualified field. At last count we have 24 with a notable drop out. Ron Capps was slated to pilot Nick Boninfante’s "U.S. Male" Mustang II. Something about his day job needing him. Yeah, Ron. Don't quit that day job. Especially after the start you and Ace had this year! Even without Ron and "Nitro Nick," it's one not to miss.

As always, anticipation is running high leading up to this deal. The two test sessions scheduled for the two immediate weekends leading up to the event have been a little anti-climactic. The weather didn't cooperate at the first one and we had a couple of mishaps at the last one. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and as the old saying goes, "you can replace the pipe, not the person." Some new cars have debuted and I'm sure you have seen the great photo coverage of the warm-ups here. The new Champion Speed Shop car looks pretty stealthy. Are they going to put a barn door size tear-off on the windshield? Some new funny cars showed up. Yawn. Ha! Just kidding.

The pre-race party at one of the event sponsor's, Chuy's Restaurant, will be happening on Thursday night. Quite a few cars will be on display with a mini-cackle fest going off in the parking lot. Dale Pulde's War Eagle funny car will be there as well as, if we can find the keys to the dually in time, the Pisano & Matsubara funny. I just realized that this will probably be ready for your eyeballs' consumption after the event. Oh, well. I'm telling you about it anyway! If you were there, I hope you came by and said "Hi!" Oh, the food is really good at Chuy's and they will have a food booth at all of Famoso's big events. They have also been a longtime supporter of John Keigley's Fuel Altered event held at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in the summer months. Cool!

I know this time we are a little light on the content. It's tough to come up with stuff when the web pretty much spills the beans on you before you can tell the world about it. And it's been pretty hectic around here getting ready for the March Meet. I don't need to tell any of you racers that juggling the race car, your family and a job can require some creative multi-tasking. By the way, escorted by their Mom, Thing One and Thing Two will be making a special appearance at the March Meet at their memorial oil-garden. Yell at 'em if you see 'em! I've got this great idea to book the Things into parties to cure anyone of being the next "Octomom". Two is enough, in my case!