On Doc Sipple and a few other items


When I heard of the passing of Doc Sipple the different emotions and stories that ran through my brain were countless. Here are just a few.

  • - Doc Sipple's drag racing accomplishments were like no other. He was a track owner (Mountain Park) and that track won IHRA Track of the Year. Not a small feat considering the quality of tracks under IHRA sanction at the time.
  • - As an individual Doc was given IHRA's most prestigious award IHRA Sportsman of the Year. I will never forget when I announced his name 500 people rose to their feet as one and the roar was deafening. It was a Doc Sipple Lovefest.
  • - He campaigned a Top Fuel dragster that he proudly called the most underfunded Top Fuel team in the world. And it probably was. Round wins that were few were celebrated in the same fashion as a national event victory. A clean pass was met with similar shouts of joy.
  • - Doc had time for anybody. He routinely gave countless chiropractic adjustments in his pit area.
  • - Doc was the gentle in gentleman.
  • - His knowledge of wellness medicine was respected throughout the United States.
  • - Doc Sipple was a once in a lifetime guy. I am proud to say he was my friend. Godspeed.


After the first few IHRA national events I hope the plan to take the product world wide is put on the back burner because if the results of the first two events are any indication, the American drag race fan isn't buying. I tried to watch some of it on the stream and what I saw was some really good racing. What I didn't see was a really good show. There is a difference.

I will get slammed for saying this, but when the likes of the Cool Bus, Bob Motz’s Jet Kenworth and similar acts were pulled from the show it lost some of its flavor. They were not the whole pie but an integral part of the presentation. Why do you think Edmonton grew to be one of the biggest IHRA events in history? It was the show. It had an incredible variety of classes and goofy exhibition vehicles. It had a fly by from the Canadian Air Force. It had burnout contests. It was fun plus the market wasn't cluttered.

If IHRA is going to present a bold new product worldwide, don't forget that surrounding the race you must have a show.


Aaron Polburn is returning to drag racing as a driver. With a keen eye toward self promotion, this Parkinson’s Awareness-sponsored early model nitro burning American Motors Hornet will be called Shake and Bake.

Jeff Burk will soon publish his life history in a gift box 35 napkin set.

Hell officially froze over when Terry McMillen and Terry Haddock both completed an NHRA national event without blowing something up.

In an effort to raise more capital, NHRA will allow first and second round buy backs in Pro Stock.

Citing market exclusivity, IHRA will hold its first 2017 worldwide event in Antarctica.

Race Safe.... Godspeed.