Fun and Games

Notes From The Hangover Nationals

When Dragway 42 was open they kicked off the season every January 1 with the well named Hangover Nationals. It was run regardless of the weather conditions. Got snow? No problem. They would just plow it as best they could and have at it. With the new Dragway 42 nearly completed the event went indoors so not to mess up what is going to be a world class venue. Indoors? Seems as though this guy named Aaron Polburn has this business in Ashland, Ohio, called Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun. Throw in a couple of practice trees. Put up $500 to win both the Box and No Box and for one Sunday in January this golf emporium was transformed into a drag strip. The numbers were staggering.

-Over 900 entries were sold. Yes, you could buy multiple entries, but that is a lot of racing.

-The capacity of the Caddy Shack is set by the fire department at 150. The actual number of people competing more than doubled that number including several from the fire department (God bless you guys.)

-This may be the only drag race in the world where you can drink and drive as evident by the 471 bottles of beer consumed plus enough Crown, Jack and Absolute to make .001 a reality in your brain if not the practice tree.

-You hear people say that Drag Racers are getting too old. That was not the case at this event as I would say 65% were 35 and younger.

-The person who felt old was me as several families had three generations racing.

-Larry Morgan of "you can't fix stupid" fame won five rounds. Oh yeah, he also drives an NHRA Pro Stock.

-At the end of the 12-hour event track owner Ron Matcham was seen wielding a Dirt Devil around the Caddy Shack making sure everything was neat and clean. I don't know about you but that was a pretty good sign that he's going to do just fine.

If this is a precursor to the Grand Opening at Dragway 42, stand’s going to be a wild ride.

The Silly Season

One of the more entertaining parts of the drag racing season was always Silly Season. The problem is that going into 2017 there wasn't very silly anything going on. Quite frankly it was boring. So in an effort to put a little life into the 2017 season I found these stories on Wikileaks and some Russian server used to sway the presidential election. These are gospel.

-John Force will soon announce a new team. Driving will be Hillary Clinton and crew chief duties will be handled by some out of work guy named Obama.

-The IHRA braintrust has announced that they will be looking at Mars to hold one of their national events since Mexico didn't work out too well. 

-Kenny Nowling announced his 2017 schedule which includes 7 events of which 6 are at the Rock.

-NHRA is looking to revamp their 2017 business plan and is seriously looking to mirror the efforts of Sears or K-Mart.

-In a show of promotional genius, NHRA is going to purchase 5,000 blow up dolls and put them in the stands during Pro Stock.

-In an effort to bolster their popularity all Don Schumacher drivers will change their last name to Earnhardt.

Happy New Year. Race Safe...Godspeed.