Start including more Nostalgia Pro Stock

Nostalgia drag racing as a whole seems to be very much alive and thriving, whether it is the American Nostalgia Racing Association (ANRA) or the IHRA (who by the way do not consider their Nitro Funny Car class as being nostalgia racing). But that is a discussion for another day. The new United Nitro Funny Car Association is continuing to make headway in their process of running nitro nostalgia racing. Of course, there is the NHRA Heritage Series that encompasses all classes of nostalgia racing -- except for one.

The one common thread to all those groups mentioned is that a majority (if not all) of their classes of cars are motivated by supercharged engines with either alcohol or nitro in the tank. Now there are some of the classes who do not have either, but as a whole a majority of the competitors have blowers on them.

However, there is a group based in good ol’ Wisconsin (home of the Green Bay Packers!) that holds very true to the nostalgia way of racing, but with a different take. It is the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association.

Now their mission statement pretty much tells what the group is all about: “To provide out spectators with family fun entertainment while maintaining an inviting pit area for all to enjoy. Incorporate door-to-door exhibition racing where all fans wonder who will win each race. Be a family of racers who eat, visit and help each other. As our group grows be inclusive and inviting to new and existing racers.”

The associations has a list of cars from all different American manufactures ranging in years from 1968 to 1981 that are legal to run in their show. This mirrors those body rules run for nostalgia funny cars.

Four different indexes differentiate the different sections of cars. All races are heads up. The indexes starting at 8.50; 9.00; 9.50, and ending at 10.00 seconds. This allows the competitors an ability to determine just how fast or how conservative to be in building their cars. Makes racing side by side giving the fans the best show possible.

In watching video of this show it is apparent that they follow their mission statement. That cars look fantastic and give a very true representation of what Pro Stock was back in the day.

From looking at their schedule, it is apparent that the group loves to stay pretty close to home., which is understandable. However, some enterprising race promoter might be bold enough to think out of the box somewhat. It is conceivable that having a portion of this group show up at the March Meet or at the Nightfire Nationals would be a huge hit with the fans.

So, I am just putting it out there to those places that run Top Fuel and Funny Car at your nostalgia events: reach out and include this group. I believe it would make a complete entertainment package for the fans and the racers.