Time for a change in nostalgia Top Fuel… because we care

For the past few years I have had the honor and privilege of spending time writing this column on nostalgia drag racing. Going to the races meeting and talking to some truly lovely people who spend their free time and resources in pursuit of going fast and having a fabulous time with friends and family at the drags. I have to say unequivocally that nostalgia racing has become extremely close to my heart. Whether it is 7.0 or D Gas and everything in between, it is all just downright fun.

However, in full disclosure, I am like most people and that means blowers and nitro are the things that get it for me. I love Top Fuel and Funny Car.

With that said, I know we have gone down this road many times before, but I think it bears reiteration. The Top Fuel class must get their collective acts together.

Now I am not out here attempting to be a lap dog, or yes man to my boss, Jeff Burk. However, in this case, he is correct. In Burk’s article dated October 24, 2012 and titled ‘Whither AA/FD?’ He stated,  “It is time to write a new set of rules for Nostalgia Top Fuel.”

I would whole-heartedly agree, which I have said for some time. The owners should sit down and seriously look at what is going on with the class and take action to start making the class relevant again. Besides, I was impressed with Burk using the word draconian correctly in a sentence.

Be that as it may, right is right, and with Steve Gibbs wanting to DQ racers who oil the track in eliminations or reduce the fields from sixteen cars to eight, it appears that Mr. Gibbs is using the carrot and stick process of getting his point across, without use of the carrot. However, to address the oil down situation which took place at the California Hot Rod Reunion, to lose that much (two hours and 45 minutes) time for one class, or even half that amount for fourteen cars is way too much. Much more importantly, the financial resources that go with those oil downs is money out of the car owners’ pockets.

It is time for AA/FD owners to get with Gibbs, or without Gibbs, sit down and talk about making some significant changes. I have all along said the two classes, dragsters and funny cars, should have the same drivetrain rules packages. It becomes much easier to police for those in that position of enforcing the rules, and in the long run it will become easier for the teams too.

I can already hear the dragster owners questioning whether my parents were ever legally married (I assure you they were). If the dragsters were to go to the modern tire and run a transmission it would make the cars not have to run as hard.

Now this other issue is where I actually disagree with Burk. There is no reason in my opinion for running points mags anymore. MSD (no I do not own stock or have an interest in the company) has a twelve amp fully electronic mag, which looks like the old points mag, which is fully electronic. I believe this is what is needed, that and get rid of those arc welders the dragsters are running now. One would not have to keep three mags in stock and rotate them in an out to send them off and get rebuilt all the time.