It's ET Finals time across the nation

I realize this month the column I write will be about why drag racing is such a great sport and hobby. No bitching about what the pros are doing or what NHRA and IHRA have screwed up again. This is the month that most of the NHRA and IHRA Team ET Finals are held at tracks across the country. There will be every possible type of car, motorcycle and Jr. Dragster heading to "their U.S. Nationals", the Division E.T. Finals for which they qualified.

I am not sure how many I have attended, but I am fairly certain the first ET Finals we attended as a team was when I managed Eddyville Dragway... so that would be 1980 or maybe 1981. I have attached a photo of some fairly old -- no make that really old -- ET Finals participant decals. The oldest one I had on my Dart when I sold it was 1986. Yikes!

I am going to guess I have been involved in or attending the ET Finals for about 31 years. I have a feeling the 2013 version held at Topeka Raceway Park will be the last ET Finals I attend. I have been runner-up once, made the semis a couple times, Best Engineered Car a couple times, and won a Gambler's Race. I would love to end my ET Finals run with a victory, but there will be 200+ other racers in S/Pro looking for the same thing. I have decided to take my dragster for this run at the title. It has been a great car for over 11 years and it just feels right when I slide between the pipes.