What is next for the Pros and Sportsman racers?

With the PRI Show and the IMIS Show coming up in December, there is a lot of buzz being released to all the different forms of media and Internet sites. From race team personnel changes, sponsor changes and news about new teams being formed. Then you mix in the rumors and press releases about Sportsman rule changes, etc. The whole thing has created quite a buzz if you follow these things on the Internet, especially in Drag Racing Online’s Agent 1320.

Why didn't anyone send out press releases about the $50,000 winner (Jon Siegel) of the Dragster vs Door Car shoot-out at SGMP last weekend? Results from the 5-Day $10,000 to win per day at Bradenton Motorsports Park even going on as I write this and then the famed "5-Day Championships" at PBIR next weekend? It is the track's fault and the racer's fault for not getting that information out. Internet site and race magazines are begging for race results and photos (they can’t cover everything in person)... why the hell don’t the tracks send anything out?

After a season that never seemed to end, at least for me and many others, we are down to the last event. The IHRA has completed their season and named their champions. NHRA is about to do the same thing this weekend at their World Finals. What are the chances we will even see the Sportsman World Champions or hear their names? I am guessing ZERO!

One other thing is happening at Pomona this weekend and that is the Summit Series ET Champions Race. All the champions from all seven Divisions are invited and paid some expense money to race for the Real National Championship during the World Finals. Of all the negative crap I see NHRA doing, I really like this program they worked out with Summit. What a stage for a bracket racer to be racing in! Nitro teams, Pro Stockers, Comp, Sportsman classes and a bunch of bracket racers...how cool is that?

I think NHRA should really build this Summit program. Drop the 20 minutes of worthless interviews with the Pros asking them how they handle the stress of a championship (while they are standing next to their $1.5 million dollar tow rig or sitting in their $750,000 bus). Go out and talk to the bracket racers and ask them what was involved to get to this race? How do they make their living during the week? And take a close look at the cars. This would bring some great value to Summit for all they do for NHRA. If I were running Summit, I would be on the phone with NHRA and tell them to let the ESPN guys know that they are going to cover some bracket racing and make sure it gets done.

What would be more interesting, even to the regular NHRA TV fan (of which there are probably not many anyway), 45 minutes of fuel cars smoking their tires and doing interviews or some "real grassroots bracket racing" that even a TV race fan would like to see? Just have Bob Frey or somebody with a clue about dial-ins and how detailed running within a couple thousandths of your predicted ET is to accomplish.

I guess I will watch the World Finals (DVR it of course) and hope someone at the NHRA headquarters has the balls to go the head honcho and at least ask for a little different format. If somebody out there knows the Media Director at Summit, forward them the link to this column, MAYBE it will give the idea that NHRA needs to change and that Summit will benefit, as will the sport!

Have a great Thanksgiving, remember our troops in your prayers, and may your family be safe!