The more things change, the more I don’t like it

know what you’re thinking: man does this guy like anything? The quick answer to that is “yes, I do”. I like a lot more things than I dislike and I feel blessed every day I get to go out into this crazy world and experience another day of all the things I like and dislike.

Here are some racing examples.

Four-wide nitro racing

Wasn’t really sure what to expect so I watched the first rounds with an open mind. One round of that was enough for me. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t really watch the cars or what was happening as there was too much for me to catch the little things I like watching during a run. Just seemed like overkill for a class that is overkill from the instant they start the engines. When it comes to four-wide eliminations it was far worse than I thought it would be. Staging errors, four cars at once, and who knows who did what? I could live with four-wide qualifying as a Friday Night Circus Act for the fans but for racing, no way that should happen. It was a mess in my opinion.

Top Alcohol and Top Dragster racing

I hate to say this, but I think it is stinking up the program. Divisional racetracks don’t want these classes as their “show” is poor because of the lack of enough quality cars and problems getting down a track that isn’t prepped for a national event. These cars have gotten so expensive to run only a few guys out there are even competitive. TRY SOMETHING NEW. Make some rules to keep the money from winning.

I sort of like the injected-nitro dragsters; at least they sound and smell good. Why not get rid of the alcohol (methanol) all together? Require nitro fuel injection on the dragsters and funny cars. Run them on the 1/8th mile (Okay, 1000 feet then!). This would be better to watch, fewer parts-killing runs and divisional tracks wouldn’t be forced to install $60,000 safety barriers. The only cars needing that barrier at Divisional-type tracks are the Top Alcohol cars. Shorten their finish line, save the tracks money and maybe they will be welcome again. I would sure try something new as the current program isn’t working right now.

Comp Eliminator racing

I have a couple problems with it. It took a while for it to grow on me, but after being to so many Divisional LODRS events it is a pretty cool class. You can see just about every imaginable car and engine combination. From six-second supercharged ‘63 Corvettes and turbocharged 2010 Mustangs. You will see 4-cylinder door cars running 170 mph or a 700 cubic inch Chevy with a Power-Glide sitting between the frame rails of a new Cobalt that is faster than today’s Pro Stockers. The engineering and attention to detail on these cars is amazing.

Then comes either the funniest or the saddest part I don’t like about Comp Eliminator. They can run $60,000 engines, carbon fiber everything, spare no expense on anything but they cannot run a simple $400 delay box. They run a full-tree (like S/S. Stock and bracket racers), the car owners are very traditional and yet they accept the occasional pitiful reaction time or blatant red-light as “part of the deal.”

Their CIC dial-in thing is so weird that there are only a few people who have really figured it out. You can go .50 under your index and you are good. Any faster than .50 under and the next round of eliminations they lower your Index by the amount you exceeded the .50-under rule.