Change is coming, results to follow

If there is one thing that seems consistent in our plans for this race season, it is that we are consistently changing plans. Every spring seems hectic, but this year seems to be even crazier than normal. As usual, 99% of it is brought on by me. I think it is the fact that I just enjoy racing so much I am always looking for a way to enjoy it even more.

For over 20 years I have pretty much focused on “delay box” racing. I had a couple years in there that I raced a Stock Eliminator car for a friend and we had some success. Even during those times it seemed I was always looking at the front of a Digital Delay delay box of one kind or another and leaving off the top bulb. I enjoyed every minute of it and have never regretted it.

Now it seems that my racing program has reached a crossroads of sorts. My age is no doubt one of the factors. At 58 I ain’t a spring chicken anymore, right? Climbing in and out of dragsters and around roll cages is getting a bit harder every year. Most of you that read this column know that we already had plans to drive a close friend’s car.

A view from under the hatch towards the dash. It is Stock Eliminator so there are no aluminum panels, wheel tubs, etc. Just a 6-point roll bar, aftermarket shifter and some VDO gauges. Truly, "back to basics" for me.

Nick Jeffrey has offered up his Olds Cutlass for this season. He is building a brand new engine that we will feature starting next month. We are going to try our luck against the foot-brake or “bottom-bulb” crowd in 2009. We have a safety net, so to speak, in his car. The plug-in for the Digital Delay delay box is still fastened to the dash … just in case I take a serious beat down against these bottom-bulbers I have an option to go back to the top bulb.

That being said, I just made the decision to trade one of our dragsters for a Stock Eliminator Camaro. No going back now! Nothing but the gas pedal, brakes pedal, shifter and new desire for myself to return to where it all started for me about 40 years ago. Roll it into the stage light, hit the gas on the bottom and see if I can turn on some win lights. I feel the car is good enough to go some rounds and in a few weeks I will see if I am up to the task at hand.

The decision to look for a Stock Eliminator car was actually an easy one after my winter in Florida. I was there to race Top Dragster with the black car and the 620 Ohio Crankshaft engine. It was running great with a best of 7.28 at 181 mph. The trouble is, that not fast enough anymore to get into Top Dragster.