Is it the right time for change?

That is a question people are asking themselves and their family these days. It can apply to your personal life, your job or business life or the part of your life that lets you “escape” from time to time, your racing weekends.

Personally, Barb and I started a new business one year ago, Trailer Toad LLC, which has grown steadily since we opened. Will the economy affect it? I think it probably will. One effect could be reduced business in general with the overall economy slowing for a while. The other effect could be a growth year as the Trailer Toad will let racers purchase a used or less expensive motor home to tow with and still handle the tongue weight safely if they have a Trailer Toad weight-bearing hitch assembly. Towing safely with a less expensive motor home is a good change.

Everyone will have to make some sort of change in 2009 and beyond. Instead of trusting money managers on Wall Street to watch your investments maybe we willchange to local brokers or investment specialists to watch over what we can stash away. The days of easy-credit and buying things that maybe we couldn’t afford are probably over. In my opinion that is a good thing. It was getting pretty crazy out there with $400,000.00 mortgages, three new cars in the driveway and a line-up of toys that filled the driveway. All based on that payroll check that looked like it would never disappear. Then came the Wall Street debacle late in 2008 and everything has changed.

One thing that has not changed is the work ethic of almost every drag racer I have ever met. They would find a second job, rebuild a used car to sell or open a small business “on the side” to generate a little extra money to go racing with. Just about anyone who has raced for several years and survived is a pretty good entrepreneur in their own right. Racing at any level is pretty expensive and it takes a smart person to keep everything functioning and also manage the daily job and family responsibilities.

I would predict some real change coming in our sport. I think local tracks will change their focus to not only surviving the economy but most will find a few changes here and there are just what they needed. Schedules willchange, you will see more test & tunes, car club races, motorcycle events and probably a few concerts or private track events. It’s all good change that will secure us places to race in the future. Will our local tracks open every week for a $1000.00 to win bracket race? I doubt it. Will you still be able to race for a good purse at other tracks on different weekends? I think so.