The man with his hand on his pristine Studebaker P/U is Clifford Couch, as fine an automotive machinist as I have known. He was also tagged by fellow Kahoka Auto Supply employee Gary Smith as the pinion rider during ‘the run’. The photo depicts me on the scooter talking over the recent ‘rust revival’ with Cliff and Dewayne Hamner, subject of a recent DRO ‘Then & Now’ column.

We had left our hotel with me wearing an Alex Rogeo shirt. Quite a few revivalists wanted to know where the real ‘car girl’ was, not me!

And so the myth of ‘the run’ turns out to be true and all five protagonists have been identified. The car’s original owner, Jack Briggs, cannot yet be found, but he was a good driver and won several notable races in his heyday. The only connection we have with Jack is through his family friend from Canton, Mo., south of Wayland, half way to Quincy, Ill. It is Len Rickards of Las Vegas who was an awesome aide and friend to me during the ten years we lived in Vegas. Len’s daughter Hannah currently heads the PR department at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

As so many racers say, the wheels go round and round in our fantastic sport!

Until next time, Be On Time!