The Goosic Arizona drag racing dynasty

When drag racing first appeared on planet Earth, there were two brothers from the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona) area who were attracted to cars, speed, and horsepower so much they became two of the original drag racing pioneers during the 1950s. Their names were Dick and Everett Goosic.

Their ride was crude by today’s standards, but only if you consider many parts of their roadster were produced in the ‘20s and ‘30s. By the time drag strips were operational, the Goosic Brothers were flying down the Arizona tracks at over 120 MPH with flat-head Ford power and nitro fuel.

This is the story of the name Goosic in Arizona Drag Racing through the years. After starting with two brothers, Everett had three sons, Bill, Tom, and Jim so now there are three Goosic brothers in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Bill is possibly the most active, keeping memories and friendships alive with his annual Arizona Drag Racing Reunion which draws current and ex-racers from the nearly 70-year history of the sport in Arizona.