My first two columns about Bracket Bombers at Orange County International Raceway featured cars from the early days when Mike Jones operated the raceway. During this time and into the final years of operation, more and more bracket racers tried their hand at Pro Stock as well as other professional categories. My third segment is about several who became pro.

Probably no one fits the mold better than Gary Dodd, shown here with his ‘built for the class’ Pro Stock Pinto. Gary was a threat in early Pro Stock races when his bracket car, a ’67 Camaro with aluminum, ZL-1 motor and a Clutch Flite, Art Carr transmission, claimed both Bracket and Pro Stock titles in 1970. The Pinto was crafted at M & S Welding by Sherm Gunn, most likely as a backup for Don Nicholson, as it was powered by an Earl Wade motor. It was not destined to be another ‘Red Light Bandit’.

An interesting note is that ‘Dyno’ Don Lorentzen was slated to share driving chores until a fender bender at Ontario Motor Speedway changed Dodd’s plans.

In a classic OCIR Bracket One final, Gary Dodd driving his Connell Chevrolet ZL-1 powered Camaro takes on the ‘Leg of OCIR’, Larry “The Leg” Legowski! Today Dodd is a contributor on Facebook, while “The Leg” now operates the clutch of an 18 wheeler in West Texas. Thanks to Mike English for the tip. (DRO readers should make a note that Larry’s popular Singer sports car is not an MG as I last reported.)

A recent note from Larry says: “Jim, I did see the article. Mike English sent a link to me. I really appreciate seeing it in your article. Really is great to relive those days of time past!! Thank You Again!!!”