When Steve Barcak set out to preserve the Pontiac brand from extinction he probably did not realize that he was taking on a job which would seem impossible to many.

Now after more than a decade on the project, Steve finds himself with a large boneyard of Pontiacs, a huge business of supplying Pontiac parts and equipment to specialized customers, and a race & car show which offers Pontiac stalwarts from the west an opportunity to show and race their Pontiac vehicles.

The racing/show event, as well as Barcak’s business, is called Pontiac Heaven.

Speedworld Dragstrip 2012: Steve Barcak’s FED dragster ‘lites’ the hides with his pure Pontiac rail. Steve has developed the dragster as the focal point of his business, ‘Pontiac Heaven’ which includes a huge collection of rescued Pontiacs as well as this Top Fuel Nostalgia car. (Photo from Steve Barcak)