Something Different

Murrieta, CA. June 9, 2013: DRO ‘Then & Now’ editor Sherry Baker joins columnist Jim Baker with our Granddaughter/graduate Larissa Larson on her ‘big’ day. (Photo by sister Cara Larson)

In June, our Granddaughter and part time DRO photographer, Larissa Larson, graduated from Vista-Murrieta High School in Murrieta, Ca. To celebrate, Grandma & I took her on an excursion up the central California coast during early July.

As the trip began, I pondered the correlation of our route with many drag racing venues from the past during the heyday of our sport in California. This is our story!

We spent the week driving the Central California coast and arrived back in Bakersfield in time for Saturday Nite Nitro on July 13.

Famoso Drag Strip, July 13, 2013:  Nitro flames high in the sky, there is nothing like night time fuel racing and the fans loved it. Pictured is the Circuit Breaker Nostalgia Top Fuel car with all the pipes lit! (Photo by Tim Marshall)

 “I can drive, Grandpa” drifted into my ears as we prepared to leave Riverside, where our Granddaughter Alicia lives with her family. Larissa has been licensed for two years so I thought, OK. I climbed into the back seat, and we started north on I-15, allowing me time to reflect on many racing venues we would pass. We were parallel to the route racers from Orange County used to get to Ontario Motor Speedway in the ‘70s.