Barrett-Jackson Auction: Chuck and Gary Ostrich’s original ’65 Plymouth, now fully restored, was for sale at the world class auction as shown. The car was listed 3rd in the MOPAR listing of the 100 sold to racers back in 1965. With the tall stacks of the F.I. Hemi, this was one of Iowa’s first Funny Cars! (Photo courtesy of Barrett-Jackson)

N.E.I.T.A. Raceway, Cedar Falls, Iowa, mid-‘60s: The ‘Much Altered Wheelbase’ Oldsmobile 442 of Lutz & Lundberg is shown taking on another early type Funny Car. (Photo by Dennis Mothershed)

The Lutz & Lundberg 442 is currently owned and being restored by Curt Anderson of the Minnesota Olds Club. Both this car AND the infamous Hurst Hairy Olds funny car were in attendance at the 21st Annual Quad State Oldsmobile Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on September 22-23, 2000.

Another popular Des Moines area racer from ‘back in the day’ was Merrill Frost. He ran gassers and altereds at Des Moines and Humbolt Dragways. When Funny Cars were hot, he brought out a Pinto bodied Ford BB/FC on Alcohol.

Des Moines, Iowa, 1977: Highly respected local racer Merrill Frost got into the Funny Car action with this Ford Pinto BB/FC for alcohol action in NHRA’s Div. 5.