Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2011: Hannah Rickards shot this photo of the iconic entrance to the strip from the staging area at the local drag strip.  Through this portal, the nostalgia ‘Rockabilly’ reunion racers, including the ever popular NITRO fueled DRO Funny Cars, will attain their access to the track!

In approximately two weeks, the focus of the Western drag racing world will once again be on Las Vegas with the annual presentation of the 2012 Rockabilly Rod Reunion on May 26 – 27.  This special race, featuring most of the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage cars, will include NITRO Funny Cars, as the inaugural race of the Drag Racing On-line AA/FC series presented and promoted by this magazine. Make plans to attend today, for a fun filled weekend in Las Vegas, with great prices at the track, reduced fuel costs to get here, and tremendous ‘deals’ on rooms and entertainment as Vegas puts out the WELCOME mat.

LVMS, Rockabilly Rod Reunion:  The first entry for the Nitro burning Funny Car field is Jason Rupert’s beautiful ‘68 Camaro Funny, the defending Hot Rod Heritage Champion!  The car is run as a tribute to long time Los Angeles area ‘supercharger’ builder, Mert Littlefield.  Jason plans to be joined by more than 20 of the best Nostalgia Funny cars from across the USA. (Photo by Mark King) Speed World Drag Strip, 2011: One of the top A/Gas nostalgia runners is Terry Newton and crew from California.  Utilizing a 1953 Studebaker body, the vintage ‘pro mod’ type car utilizes an Alan Johnson built 560” Hemi which easily runs the 7.60 class index and has been a top attraction at previous Rockabilly events in Las Vegas. (Photo by Larissa Larson)

Thunderbird Raceway, Henderson, NV 1965: However nearly 50 years ago, Eddie Thompson was the B/Gas Champ of Las Vegas with this ’41 Willis sedan. The car left with amazing wheel stands, considering the lack of traction compound ‘back in the day’. (Photo work by Jim Kelly)