Reno, Nv. 2011:  One of several ‘cycle’ products developed in recent years by the Yuill Brothers is this ‘cam gear’ set up for Harley Davidson. It certainly takes a page from their extensive Pro Stock racing days. (Photo by Jim Baker)


Above: Firebird Raceway, Boise, Idaho, 2001: Reno’s iconic Fuel Altered pilot, Ricky Ruiz’s Nevada Rattler (near lane) does battle with another long time rival, Dave Hough’s Nanook at the annual Firebird ignitor.  Ruiz has been racing altereds out of the Reno-Spatks area since 1962. (Photo by Dawn Mazi)

Right: Sparks, Nv. 2012: Ricky Ruiz’s publicity photo for his 40th year of fuel altered racing, starts with his usual ‘thumbs up’ approach. His new schedule already includes dates as far away as Alaska.