Paul’s Automotive

In the mid ‘60s as I traveled around the Drag Racing west, one name which constantly appeared was Paul’s Automotive! In the early Chevelle Big Block Chevrolet days, no other West Coast emporium had as many winners at the track as did Paul Althouse, the subject of this month’s column.

Irwindale Raceway, ’69 Gas Supercharged meet: The popular Kohler Bros Anglia gasser pops the front wheels as it launches from the famous Irwindale asphalt. Although Paul Althouse was known for his ‘super stock’ acumen at the time, he built some of the best supercharged engines too.

Drag News June 24th, 1966: This is an excerpt from the cover of Drag News, a weekly drag racing newspaper produced for many years in our sport. Every racer alive covets a ‘cover’ shot, however, only a handful attains such an honor.

In fact, from 1964 through 1969, a NHRA Super Stock car, from Paul’s Automotive, was at the forefront of National competition every year. One of their original stars was the Big Block SS/D Chevelle of Mike and Betty Walker. Betty drove the four speed car, a pre-curser to today’s Pro Stocks, to many wins and records in the hotly contested SS/D class. The beautiful blue Chevelle was known as much for her 4speed prowess as her cartoon on the side of the car.

Today, and for more than forty years, she is the wife of Roger Lamb of Lamb Components. Betty and Roger have served the racing community with quality front suspension and brakes since Pro Stock became a non-showroom sport.

Pomona, California, Winternationals 1965: Betty Walker leaves the line with her Paul’s Automotive motored 396 Chevelle during class eliminations. This car was popular all over Southern California.