Notes scribbled on my drink coaster from Basey’s dive bar directly across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy

Just Wondering… Could the worst thing that has happened in drag racing in the last 30 years be when the Pro Stock Truck owners sued the NHRA after NHRA made the absolutely correct decision and killed the class? (Starting the class in the first place was probably the second worst.) From all accounts, the PST owners not only won the suit but got a truckload of money from the NHRA.

Because of the “victory” by those racers, Tom Compton and his management team are scared to death that any decision they make regarding the sport or the racers that could affect an existing class or race team could get them sued again. So, despite the obvious need to make some decisions and rules that could make drag racing’s professional classes less expensive and more competitive, that fear prevents change and is stifling the growth of the sport.

Just Wondering… If it weren’t for the Pro Stock Truck suit, would Pro Mod already be an NHRA professional class with the Pro Stock Bike class eliminated and replaced with a much more marketable and entertaining injected Nitro Bike class? By the way, I’m betting almost every team that now has a Pro Stock Bike would build a nitro-burning version. Can you see Nitro Harley vs Nitro Buell or Suzuki?

Just Wondering… Isn’t it about time that we all quit blaming the NHRA management (or lack thereof) for the astronomical cost of racing in their professional classes? In reality the blame lies at the doorstep of the professional race teams themselves. I know for a fact that every time the tech department at the NHRA or IHRA consider a rule change that could reduce the cost of racing a nitro car or a fast doorslammer, the sanctioning bodies always ask the teams if they are OK with the proposed changes because they fear if they make a change without the premier teams’ tacit approval, those teams will quit racing.  The best-financed teams themselves continually drive up the cost of racing by developing and using more and more expensive parts. Where will the nitro teams race if not the the NHRA?  Just one more case of the inmates running the asylum at the NHRA or those in charge of the asylum being afraid of the inmates

Just Wondering… Is the deal the Real Pro Modified association of racers made with the NHRA to keep the class at 10 of their national events a look at the future for professional drag racing classes? The RPM racers really had no viable option to the NHRA series and really no leverage, so in the end the racers and sponsors of NHRA Pro Mod racing pledged around $500,000 a year for three years and agreed to pay for a TV program that won’t air until the fourth quarter of 2014,  after the NHRA Pro Mod season is done.The IHRA’s mountain-motored Pro Stock racers made a similar deal over the weekend.

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