Just wondering while waiting for the real NHRA Points Championship to start

Just Wondering... Am I the only one who finds that the “little” points and “big” points program during qualifying unnecessary, undramatic, and unimportant even for those of us anal enough to tabulate the points after each round?

Just Wondering... On the same qualifying subject, what the hell is the purpose of “transferring” the top 12 qualifiers when theoretically any of the 12 that “transfer” on Friday could be bumped out of the program? I think this is another confusing issue to explain to a new fan.

Just Wondering... Will the divorce rate go up for NHRA crews in 2013? If I’m reading the info correctly, next year the pro teams will have one stretch of eight races in ten weeks and at least one three-straight and one four-straight series of races. What pencil-pushing bean counting non-racer came up with this brilliant schedule? Instead of winning a broom at the end, they're more likely to get served.

Just Wondering... With the killer NHRA schedule, I wonder if getting and keeping crew for pro teams is going to be a bigger issue than getting and keeping sponsors?  With this kind of tight scheduling, the NHRA had better pray they don’t have any rain during  the 2013 season.

Just Wondering... Is the current  points program that ends at Indy and  “counts down”  just too damn arcane for the average sports fan to be interested in? I have a thought: Why not make it so any pro racer who wins a national event by the U.S. Nationals automatically qualifies for the Countdown? If there aren’t enough winners, then use points to fill the fields.

Just Wondering... More about points: In the NHRA, do the valuable Full Throttle points belong to the driver or the car owner?  If they go to the driver, what’s to keep a driver who is in the Countdown from moving to a team that isn’t and putting that team into the “playoffs”?

Just Wondering... Did you see the article in USA Today where they reveal a study shows the average NHRA fan is 44+ years old? Yikes! I’d like to know what the average age of an NHRA competitor is.

Just Wondering... Why the NHRA and the Mopar company make such a big deal about the Hemi Shootout featuring nearly 50-year-old cars that cost (by some estimates) a half-million dollars just to build and race. At the U.S. Nationals, the Factory Stock Showdown that was supposed to be a real showcase deal for the new  2012 “Factory Hot Rods” from Ford, GM, and Mopar was almost a non-event, PR-wise.

Just Wondering... On that same subject, wouldn’t it be cool if Mopar custom-built 50 of their new reborn Darts with Hemi engines and those cars were capable of  low 8-second ETs?

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