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Just Wondering… What word or words could DSR crew chief Mike Green have uttered to an official that was so hurtful or disrespectful the NHRA needed to fine him $5,000 for saying them? Is that fine going to make Mr. Green more respectful of the NHRA decision makers? Does the person to whom Mr. Green directed the comment feel less insulted because Mr Green got fined? I say the answer to all questions is undeniably No!

Just Wondering… Whatever happened to NHRA officials, crew chiefs, team owners, and drivers hashing out their differences in a private man-to-man conversation after the races instead of the NHRA’s public “spanking” of a team member with a fine? I would respectfully suggest that a $5,000 fine levied by the NHRA did nothing to resolve the issue that caused the outburst.

Just Wondering… Wouldn’t it be cool if a team owner, driver, or crew chief could levy a $5,000 fine against a member of the sanctioning body for cursing at or berating a racer, or making a bad decision or blatant mistake? Where’s the justice? Where is PRO?

Just Wondering… Is there any truth to the rumor that what caused Mr. Green to exercise the fine art of creative swearing was that his team was penalized for having an “unapproved” part that had been initially approved by a former NHRA management member but was then deemed illegal after the guy who approved it was not rehired by NHRA? If that rumor is true... talk about BS!

Just Wondering… Am I the only old geezer who has seen a Mustang Super Stocker with the classification of SS/AAA pasted on the window and wondered what the hell the three As in a row stood for?

Just Wondering… Why the NHRA management hasn’t yet come up with a heads-up  professional eliminator class for the short run “factory hot rods” that Ford, Chevy, and Mopar all currently have? The only time NHRA doorslammer racing has been really popular as a professional class with the factories, fans, and media has been when the cars really appeared as if they could have come off a dealership’s floor. Answer: They can’t make one set of rules that Ford, Chevy, and Mopar feel are fair?

Just Wondering… Where did it all the kids go? I read an old newspaper account of the 1961 Texas-vs-California race at Amarillo (TX) Dragway. The then division director Dale Ham’s wife, Glenella Ham, estimated that 80 percent of the 400 entries for the event were from teenagers. I’ll bet that at any NHRA event these days 80 percent of the entries aren’t teenagers.

Just Wondering… Why doesn’t the IHRA Nitro Jam consider a twin-engine dragster class and make ’em burn E-85 fuel? Twin-engined dragsters would not only be entertaining, but eco-friendly if they burned E-85. IHRA, you want to give the fans entertainment, then entertain that suggestion.

Just Wondering… In the past hasn’t the IHRA Nitro Jam series signed contracts with the racers who are booked in for the shows? I’m sure the IHRA had planned on eight cars for the Baton Rouge race and I wonder how many of the no-shows had signed contracts?

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