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  • Just wondering… NASCAR is going to open the 2012 season with EFI on their Cup engines instead of carburetors. What’s the holdup for the NHRA to make the same move for drag racing?  I keep hearing from NHRA teams and management that it’s a money issue. Hog poop!  NASCAR teams have much more invested in their engine programs than NHRA Pro Stockers, but when NASCAR told them to make the change it happened and no major team is getting out of the sport as a result of that decision.

    Dare I say it again? It’s time for NHRA management to join the 21st Century along with the rest of racing and make the switch to fuel injection, small block engines, and flat, stock-appearing hoods. It's not like the technology required for this hasn’t already been developed. Pro Stock teams could get small block parts already developed by Chevy, Ford, Mopar, or Toyota for the NASCAR teams. Aw, it’ll never happen, it just makes too much sense for today’s NHRA.

    Just wondering… On that same note, why doesn’t NHRA follow NASCAR’s lead and make the company to which they gave the fuel supply monopoly develop a lead-free, ethanol-enriched racing gas? Certainly NASCAR engines have a lot of compression and still manage to use these types of fuels for 500 miles with the throttle on the mat. The PR benefits far outweigh any detriments. A gasoline/ethanol mix mitigates engine detonation and heat, which in turn means fewer failures. Once again I’m sure the NHRA management team has its reasons for not being forward thinking and politically correct. Right? 

    Just wondering… What more proof does the NHRA and their track partners need that seat prices are too high? I have never, ever, EVER seen as many empty seats in the Bandimere grandstands on a Sunday as I saw during the TV broadcast of the Mile-High Nationals. The NHRA management and their promoters should by now have come to the realization that current ticket prices are just too expensive. The question is when will they give their fan base some financial relief with some across-the-board price reductions? It’s still the economy, stupid.

    Just wondering… As weekly event entries at most NHRA-sanctioned tracks continue to decline because of the economy, the question becomes how strictly are those tracks’ tech departments enforcing the NHRA rule book? The answer is, not nearly as strictly as they have in the past. There are a lot of tracks struggling to stay in business and they can’t afford to lose any back-gate money. So big issues get looked at and minor ones get a pass.

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