Wondering Again

Just Wondering … With all of the history that the Chevy brand has with drag racing and the fact the brand is celebrating its100th year as an automaker, how can the total presence of the Chevy brand in the NHRA’s professional classes be limited to one competitive Pro Stocker and one FC with a Chevy body?

Just Wondering … What happened? Former NHRA prez Dallas Gardner used to get $300,000-$400,000 a year for his work on the NHRA Board of Directors according to past tax returns. The 2010 return indicates that his pay dropped down to $100,000+ but according to the return he is not getting paid for being on the NHRA’s Board but rather as a private consultant to the NHRA.

Just Wondering … Did you know that the NHRA tax return for 2010 shows gross income of  just over 104 million bucks! That is the lowest amount of gross income the NHRA has declared since 2004 when the NHRA claimed more more $100,000,000 in gross income for the first time and down from a high of 124 million just a few years back. Don’t blame Tom Compton. Can you say recession?

Just Wondering … I’m going to keep asking this question until I get an answer that makes sense: Why can’t the NHRA find a way to bring Toyota -- who sells cars and trucks powered by  big and small block V-8 and race with NASCAR -- to the NHRA party in some capacity other than a pit vehicle and Funny Car body supplier?  Am I the only one who would like to see an American-brand V-8 powered Pro Stocker racing a Toyota Pro Stocker?

Just Wondering … Does the fact that I’m a card carrying, dues paying member of the National Hot Rod Association give me the right to criticize the way the Association is run ? You’re damn right it does!

Just Wondering … Will 2012 be the year that the NHRA management team finally does something pro-active about the out-of-control cost of racing a nitro Dragster, Funny Car or Pro Stock? Or will it take three or four races with less than full fields before they take action?
It would be the biggest NHRA surprise of the last 20 years if they were to do so. Oh, and here is a hint: All of the nitro cars still are carrying the mandatory engine rev-limiter.

Just Wondering … If there is any truth to the rumor that the NHRA isn’t going to fill the position of official starter recently vacated by Rick Stewart? My sources say that NHRA is going to eliminate that full-time  position and salary and instead have divisional starters perform that task at the national events.

Just Wondering … What are the odds that Dan Olson, former NHRA nitro guru, will follow in the steps of his predecessor, Ray Alley, and return to NHRA racing as a tuner? Could he end up back in the Don Schumacher camp? Just Wondering.

Just Wondering … What would the average person call it if someone in a sanctioning body were to take a very expensive part away from a racer for inspection and then decide to keep that very expensive part without reimbursing the racer? Even if the sanctioning body rule book says they can, does that make doing so the right or fair thing to do?

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