April showers bring more wondering

Just Wondering… If it is true (and it appears to be), what the hell was Bill Simpson thinking when he decided to put counterfeit SFI stickers on Impact Racing safety gear? Here’s a guy, who apparently is very wealthy with iconic status in the motorsports word, simply ignoring a written contract with the SFI -- and an even more important unwritten one with the racers who bought his safety equipment. I would really like to know why he would destroy a reputation he has worked a lifetime to nurture and develop.

Just Wondering… Does the AHRA actually have the financial backing to stage the races that are on their schedule, and to guarantee the racers who come will get paid?

Just Wondering… How can the NHRA or Tom Compton not make any kind  of statement or press release regarding the Impact Racing components issue when potentially so many of their racers will be involved?

Just Wondering… How many more national events that are postponed or canceled due to bad weather or track conditions (and the resulting loss of income) can the NHRA stand before they have to have layoffs again to save money?

Just Wondering… How is it that the ADRL and the IHRA can stage national events with about a tenth of the personnel, both management and otherwise, required by the NHRA to do the same?

Just Wondering… How long will the NHRA continue the ridiculous practice of not awarding points for re-setting national speed records? This practice seems ludicrous to me in view of the way they trumpet the accomplishments of a racer when he or she does break a speed record.

Just Wondering… What is the reason NHRA banned nitrous oxide injection for use in the NHRA Top Alky Dragster class?

Just Wondering… Why the NHRA continues to force customers that have bought expensive seats to watch crewmembers and track grooming equipment milling around on the track each time they bring out the Professional classes? Surely this constant track prep adds at least an hour of no action to each qualifying and race session.

Just Wondering… Are those vapid top-end interviews with drivers who simply regurgitate a list of their sponsors actually doing those sponsors more harm than good? The drivers almost always forget some of the sponsors, and almost never pass on any relevant information. Judging from the letters we get here at DRO, I think that is a distinct possibility.

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