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Look out, he’s wondering again

Just Wondering … Given the option, would most of you rather pay to see basically the same 35-40 NHRA nitro teams and 20 IHRA teams that have been racing each other for over a decade and see the same teams and drivers win again and again or would you rather attend to a Hot Rod Heritage Series race or an Outlaw Fuel Altered Association race or an ADRL event, a Goodguys race or an event where you have a chance of seeing nitro teams or fast doorslammers you’ve never seen or heard of before race?

Just Wondering … Whatever happened to the bracket races where a casual fan was likely to see a wheel-standing, four-speed slammer, or a econo Funny Car or even an old Pro Stocker racing at a Saturday night bracket race? The reason many track promoters are scaling back their bracket programs is that test and tune sessions in the middle of the week attract more fans and cars than bracket races, and they cost the track less to do.

Just Wondering … When did bracket racers, supposedly the most savvy of drag racers, forget how to adjust to a hot, slick, poorly prepped track? I always thought that was what bracket racing was about, adjusting to the conditions.

Just Wondering … Could the NHRA pro series survive with Top Fuel and Funny Car fields of less than 16 cars?

Just Wondering … With the obvious fact that the IHRA and many of its pro teams will be forced to replace the Evan Knoll money, what course will that sanctioning body take? Business as usual? I don’t see how. Consider this: the last two years’ bonus money and points-fund money for the nitro Funny Cars have been checks written to the racers directly from an Evan Knoll company.

Just Wondering … Could or would Live Nation keep the IHRA going as just a sportsman sanctioning body? Would NHRA sportsman racers cross over and support a sanctioning body just for sportsman if the payouts were significantly increased, the TV was dedicated to the sportsman racers and the national events were sportsman only.

Just Wondering … What if the IHRA decided to make injected fuel dragsters and Funny Cars their main attractions? What if they took the restrictions off the dragsters and they did run four-second, 300-mph laps?

Just Wondering … When will the IHRA go to 1,000 feet? They already have eighth-mile events, so what’s keeping them from doing that?

Just Wondering … After seeing the size of the NHRA crowds at all of the races since the 1,000-foot rule came into effect, is there any doubt that a majority of drag racing fans just don’t care about the distance?

Just Wondering … How will the Canadian tracks that hold IHRA national events find a way to get pro racers to attend? The answer, folks, is simple: the tracks or the sanctioning body has to guarantee the racers MORE MONEY!

Just Wondering … After reading IHRA pres Aaron Polburn’s latest column in Drag Review Magazine (DRM), I wonder if he understands that the cost of fuel is a small part of getting a race team to Canada? I wonder if he considered the price of plane tickets, hotel rooms, food and (for many) a loss of a week of work that is required for a week-long racing excursion into Canada?

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who can’t wait to watch the inevitable four-at-a-time racing that is going to happen at Bruton Smith’s new Charlotte track? I missed it in the Sixties when it happened, but I won’t miss it again.

Just Wondering … When the NHRA management was cooking up their “chase” World Championship did anyone actually consider the possibility that a majority of the qualified spots in the pro classes might be filled or even all qualifiers for the Championship could be decided before the U.S. Nationals?

Just Wondering … Am I the only one getting bored with the whole NHRA-for-sale deal? I’m more concerned about how they fix the sport so that more people can afford to race nitro and, frankly, I don’t care who solves that problem as long as somebody does.

Just Wondering … Does the IHRA insurance carrier worry about that sanctioning body racing on a quarter-mile and not enforcing all of the safety requirements required of the NHRA nitro racers on their nitro racers?

Just Wondering … If junior dragsters, why not junior Funny Cars?

Just Wondering … Does anyone else feel like that it has become too easy to get a NHRA “Wally”? These days track owners and promoters seem to be able to give a “Wally” for damn near any kind of race. I think that is kind of sad.

Just Wondering … When will racers finally understand the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true then it generally isn’t good or true.”

Just Wondering … Why more racers don’t subject their potential sponsors to the same kind of scrutiny a lender puts them through before they will loan them money? After all, the racers are the ones who are at risk and will have to pay in the end. (See above)

Just Wondering … The whole deal is really sad, but was I the only one who had to stifle a laugh when he read that Evan Knoll claimed somebody forged his name on a $15,000,000 loan to buy an airplane? Look at what you have to go through to borrow ten grand. I bet you have to sign with your own blood in front of twenty witnesses for a fifteen million dollar loan.

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who thinks there are just too many  “World Champions” crowned every year in drag racing? I’d much rather win the U.S. Nationals and be the U.S. National Champion.

Just Wondering … Why in the hell, when they do decide to raise their purses, do sanctioning bodies inevitably put the majority of the raise into the winners’ and runners-up hands? Generally those aren’t the people that desperately need the financial help. Those guys struggling to just get to the race and qualify need the help. Why not give most of the 1.2 million bucks that NHRA generously added to the 2009 pro purse to the first- and second-round losers? It makes a hell of a lot more impact in keeping those guys racing than adding 20 grand to Ashley Force’s or Tony Schumacher’s team wallet.