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Wondering in the February cold

Just Wondering … If 32 VRA-legal Nostalgia Funny Cars actually show at Bakersfield for the March Meet, isn’t that a serious indicator that the Nostalgia Funny Car scene is about to explode and become a major draw much like Pro Mod did in the late 1980’s?

Just Wondering … Will the Nostalgia Funny Car teams understand going in that chances are they will never make any money to speak of racing these cars? The best they can ever hope for is to not lose too much money. 

Just Wondering … Will the NHRA and their national event track operators at least consider that their ticket prices and everything else at national events are just too high for the average family before they put themselves and their fans out of the drag racing business?

Just Wondering … Is there any drag race worth spending $650 for one day? One fan wrote us a letter to say that is what it cost for four adults and two kids to attend one day of racing at the Winternationals. Oh, that did include 12 beers -- which by my math adds up to $84 for beer. Yikes!

Just Wondering … Did you know that NHRA raised the price of a crew ticket at the Winternationals to $80 and did away with qualifying payouts for Comp eliminator? As some of our readers say…it’s just business.

Just Wondering … If the NHRA is really serious about bringing new sponsors into the sport, why weren’t the names of new sponsors given on the television coverage? New pro sponsors such as Mike Edwards’s Penhall deal, James Day’s new Top Fuel Records sponsor, Dexter Tuttle’s Vis Viva sponsor and, perhaps most importantly, Bob Tasca III’s Quick Lane (Motorcraft) sponsor were never named. I watched the Saturday and Sunday NHRA broadcast and didn’t hear any of those companies’ names mentioned. Welcome to drag racing?

Just Wondering … Why is it that racing organizations who depend on their fans’, racers’ and sponsors’ money to support their very existence feel it is acceptable to conduct the business of that sport in total secret, keeping those same fans, racers, and sponsors in the dark? Yeah, yeah, I know…it’s just business. 

Just Wondering … Why is it seemingly fine for drag racing’s sanctioning bodies to make a profit while they seem to feel they shouldn’t help the racers make any money? Business answer: they have to prepare for the day that a race or series of races isn't profitable! Then they have to have a cushion to keep operating.

Just Wondering … How many of you out there have actually read the original mission statement for the NHRA 501-C-3 corporation? It says absolutely nothing about it being a business designed to make money. It did say it was supposed to benefit the sport and protect the racers.

Just Wondering … Is this the reality of racing? Promoters and sanctioning bodies are capitalists who make money and the racers are supposed to be philanthropists and race for the love of the sport?   

Just Wondering … Where were his PR people? Evan Knoll (Torco Racing Fuels) just ran an ad in the latest IHRA Drag Review magazine (DRM) with his photo and a headline that says “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.” What!?
Just Wondering … Does everybody (especially the NHRA) understand that between them John Force and Don Schumacher control half of every NHRA Fuel Funny Car field and what it could mean if those guys decided to throw their weight around?

Just Wondering … If Bruton Smith tried to buy the NHRA’s “Pro Assets” would the NHRA Pro Mods be part of the package? The answer is, No!

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who wishes that nitro were allowed in every class from Top Fuel to Z/SA? Yeah, I am a nitro junkie J
Just Wondering … How the fact that the HDP deal is dead may have affected the Julie Russell lawsuit either in or out of court? We are waiting on some official notification but it appears the case has been settled out of court.

Just Wondering … With NHRA members now able to see part of the next issue of National Dragster on line, is it just a matter of time until the NHRA bean counters decide to do away with the expense of a paper and ink publication?

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who, after watching Tony Pedregon’s fire and finding out that three or four guys had to help John Force out of his car when it went into the sand at Pomona while at the same time others were rescuing Pedregon, had a chill go down his spine worrying about Force being in a fuel Funny Car too soon?

Just Wondering … Will NHRA’s TV ratings go up after Tony Pedregon’s fire was seen on many of the Broadcast Networks? Are the so-called fans of drag racing really just waiting on the next crash or fire? That thought makes me sad.