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A little pre-election wondering

Just Wondering… Is it a symptom of advanced geezer syndrome when you long for the time when there were different bodies, chassis, engine combos, etc., in the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes?

Just Wondering… Why  Feld Entertainment majordomo Ken Feld didn’t include a meeting with Pro and Sportsman racers as part of his introduction to IHRA drag racing at that sanctioning body’s World Finals race at Rockingham?

Just Wondering… Are the net profits of the IHRA series enough for Feld Entertainment to get seriously involved in fixing and growing the IHRA, or will the future be like the past when Clear Channel apparently was content with the status quo as long as the series didn’t lose money?

Just Wondering… Has anyone told the brass at the NHRA headquarters in Glendora that the county is in a serious recession? They sure don’t seem to be concerned.

Just Wondering… Why don’t the IHRA and the NHRA (and for that matter, all of the major drag racing series) presidents get together and announce that in order help the business of drag racing they are going to reduce the entry fees and ticket prices by 10% across the board? Damn a $600 tax rebate; make it more affordable for the blue collar racers and fans to participate!

Just Wondering… Will NHRA national event tracks raise their ticket prices in 2009?

Just Wondering… IHRA fans: Are you willing to pay the same price for a ticket to one of their events with one less nitro class? Let’s hear from you.

Just Wondering… Am I the only one who wonders why the IHRA doesn’t at least add a Top Fuel Harley class? I don’t know anyone, and I mean anyone, who doesn’t like those beasts!

Just Wondering… Am I the only one who has noticed that there are 10 times as many new AA/FC being built as there are NHRA Funny Cars? Wake up, track operators, and take advantage of this trend. Nitro sells tickets!

Just Wondering… How freakin’ many political ads will I have to listen to before my head explodes?

Just Wondering… Since candidates from all political parties tag all of their propaganda with,“….I’m (name) and I approved this message”  how ‘bout the racing series presidents be required to do the same?

Just Wondering… Has it occurred to any of you that the IHRA Nitro Funny Car race at Rockingham is likely be the last national event with Nitro Funny Cars running a quarter-mile?

Just Wondering… A friend of mine who is pretty far up the drag racing food chain says that the High Sheriffs in Glendora still worry about what the IHRA does. The question I have is, Why? I can tell you the IHRA team basically doesn’t care what the NHRA does.

Just Wondering… Why doesn’t every major event, regardless of sanction, have at least one jet car or wheelstander booked in so that when there is downtime they could  entertain the fans instead of making them sit for a hour or even a half hour with nothing happening? Those acts aren’t expensive and I think the NHRA used to do that before the budget cuts.

Just Wondering… What nitro shortage?

Just Wondering… What will happen to those dozen or so nitro Funny Car teams that supported the IHRA so faithfully?  So much for rewarding loyalty.

Just Wondering… Will the major series that depend on nitro cars to sell tickets eventually have to subsidize those classes to keep them alive?

Just Wondering… How many major tracks are going to invest the money required to stage racing series in 2009 that have either lost money or broken even at their tracks in 2008?

Just Wondering… If the economy is as bad as the guys who caused this problem tell us it is, will we start to see a reduction in the number of NHRA/IHRA national events? My take is that there are already too many NHRA national events for the core racers to support now and the only answer may be fewer races.

Just Wondering… How many of you are still subscribing to every car magazine you can?

Just Wondering… How many Pro race teams would we lose if Chrysler, Ford and GM decide to quit sponsoring race teams?

Just Wondering… Do people realize that there are currently more series where fans of nitro racing can go watch those cars than in any other time in history? The NHRA and IHRA aside, circuits where you can see nitro-burners include the OFAA, Goodguys, Super Chevy, the HRH series, Muscle Car Reunion, and there are plenty of independent races featuring nitro cars.

Just Wondering… Isn’t the sport and business of drag racing much bigger than the NHRA or IHRA?  Isn’t it time we all understand that? Certainly the NHRA and IHRA are what the non-racing pubic perceive drag racing to be, but the truth is there is a very strong base of fans and racers that never go to an NHRA or IHRA event.

Just Wondering… Why some racers build and race a hobby class car and then suddenly decide they should get paid to race them?

Just Wondering… Will there be 40-50 AA/FC at the Bakersfield March Meet in 2009? The Burkster thinks there will be … and, by the way, I will be at that race. March 7 is my birthday and that race will be my birthday present to me. 

Just Hoping… That after the November election the politicians just leave us alone and let everyone get back to doing what we do best. If that means cutting back some, so be it, but life and drag racing will go on.

Just Guaranteeing… When all else seems too expensive, just remember you will always be able to get your drag racing news fix in DRO -- FOR FREE!