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More questions and a few answers

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who can’t quite figure out why a bunch of Wall Street investors would invest in the NHRA when they have no expertise as promoters of racing and the company evidently has made little profit yearly?

Just Wondering … As far as I know the HD Partners haven’t had a single meeting with any of the major sponsors of NHRA drag racing. I’ve called around and not one of NHRA’s major, major sponsors have admitted to any, and several, including GM, flatly state they have had no contact. My question is, If HD Partners is serious about this, why no contact with the people that already support the series with cash? 

Just Wondering … What will be the motivation for professional teams that aren’t in the NHRA points chase after the U.S. Nationals to make max efforts to be at NHRA National events? Answer: It sure won’t be the purse or TV exposure.

Just Wondering … Why haven’t some of my peers in the mainstream print media done a story on the fact that while NASCAR attendance and TV ratings appear to be softening, drag racing (the NHRA, IHRA, and the ADRL) is having record attendance at their events?  Answer (with apologies to Rush and Bill O): Drag racing isn’t a major league sport to the “elite media.”

Just Wondering … With the Internet audience growing by quantum leaps, why do some major auto racing PR staff and management teams treat the Internet magazines as a nuisance and fawn over nearly any paper and ink publications many of whom are losing readers faster than Ann Coulter? Answer: They still don’t get it.

Just Wondering … Do any of the pro teams in the NHRA really, really believe that when or indeed if the HD Partners become the owners of NHRA’s pro assets that they will suddenly raise the purses and points monies? If a not-for-profit organization (NHRA) wouldn’t do it, what would motivate a seriously for profit company (HDP) to do it?

Just Wondering … What can the IHRA do to attract more entries to their Nitro Jams so that they won’t have to resort to one day of fuel qualifying in the future like they will at their New England Dragway event?  Answer: Evan Knoll’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Just Wondering … What’s to keep the HDP folks from adding many more professional classes such as Pro Mod, Nitro Bike, or whatever if they close the deal?    

Just Wondering … Has the clock run out on drag racing “reality” shows? 

Just Wondering … Is there any wonder that so many uninformed people and press still equate street racing to drag racing with all of the trash reality drag racing shows that in my opinion make drag racers appear to be nothing but street racers?

Just Wondering … Still on the same subject, what possible reason would any drag racer or engine shop have for getting involved in a TV show where the object was to run your car down the track until the engine or some other part exploded? Answer: Did you see me on TV, dude?

Just Wondering … How can any of us expect any of the current sanctioning bodies to listen to any of our complaints and take any action if most of us (myself included) pay our hard-earned bucks for a membership, buy tickets to their races or pay for the privilege of racing for them?
Just Wondering … Without venues such as NASCAR has, where over a hundred thousand fans attend and the races are broadcast live on major networks and aren’t pre-empted by woman’s field hockey, can drag racing ever truly become a major sport?

Just Wondering … What are the chances of drag racing becoming an Olympic sport?  Answer: Zero.

Just Wondering … Is Bruton Smith just waiting in the wings to buy the NHRA properties and pro assets from HDP when the deal is done?
Answer: Who knows, but I’m betting both he and HDP have talked.

Just Wondering … When and where will the next major NHRA national event track be built?

Just Wondering … Why during the summer all NHRA national events aren’t staged in the late evening or night? It is just too hot during the summer to ask fans and drivers to sweat it out under the hot sun. 


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