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Just wondering without any answers


Just wondering ... How many of the car builders currently building NHRA or IHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car or Pro Stock cars have an engineering degree or employ an engineer in the design of their cars? My research indicates the only pro car builder that currently has an engineer on the payroll is Jerry Bickel Race Cars.  If anybody else has one, please let me know.

Just wondering ... Is the real reason that the NHRA hasn’t been sold to Bruton Smith is that it is incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) company which by definition is a not for profit organization? I’ll bet the lawyers can’t figure out who would get or how to split up the money that would result from the sale.

Just wondering ... Is it time for the NHRA to make a spec for the maximum amount of laps that a Top Fuel or Funny Car chassis can make before it has to be retired and cut up with a band saw? 

Just wondering ... What is the reason for the NHRA management’s lack of definitive action following Eric Medlen’s death to mandate some interim cockpit safety improvements? They took immediate action following Darrell Russell’s death requiring changes in Top Fuel cars before the next race yet so far as I can tell John Force is taking the modifications, improvement and testing for the Funny Car problem on himself.

Just wondering ... If John Force thinks that his Funny Cars weren’t safe enough for him, his daughter or Robert Hight and he had all of them modified, wouldn’t it then make sense that the cars aren’t safe for any driver? Why doesn’t NHRA just suspend the Nitro Funny Car class until they are safe? Make the Top Fuel field 32 cars for a couple of races.

Just wondering ... What would be wrong with having a couple of races a year where instead of having both Top Fuel and Funny Car instead have 32-car fields of one or the other and double the points? It wouldn’t cost the track or NHRA any more to do so.

Just wondering ... Am I the only drag racing fuel fan that is getting tired of seeing the same old, same old at every race?  I know I’ll get hate mail and I’ve suggested this before, but why not have a little variety in the sport by shortening the race track length to 1,000 feet at tracks like Pomona, and changing up the make up of the pro classes just a little?  

Just wondering ... Why doesn’t some smart track owner put luxury boxes at the finish line instead of the starting line?

Just wondering ... Will we ever see another nitrous oxide-injected car that is competitive in the NHRA/AMS Pro Mod series? I think not!

Just wondering ... How can Goodyear be the official tire of the NHRA and Toyo tire a sponsor of one of the circuit’s national events (Reading, PA)? If you ask me that’s a poor way for a sanctioning body to show appreciation for a company it supposedly couldn’t survive without.

Just wondering ... How many more racers have to be injured before the sanctioning bodies make a head and neck device mandatory to drive any race car? We just got a note here about an eight-year-old Jr Dragster driver who crashed on her first lap at 50 mph and was seriously injured -- and no head and neck restraint device .

Just wondering ... Am I the only one that despises the “Pinks” show and their spin offs?  The latest show is called Blowup, I think, and in this one you drag race your car until you blow the engine up! The winner is the racer who doesn’t blow the motor. I wonder if the WWE’s Vince McMahon is the secret commissioner of the “Pinks” series?

Just wondering ...

Is a crewman going to have to get run over before the NHRA and IHRA starters quite letting fools stand in front of a Pro Stocker doing a burnout? All that has to happen is for a tire to hook when it shouldn’t and a crewman is going to be run over. (Ron Lewis photo)

Just wondering ... Is it just a matter of time before we see four or five team owners have all of the qualifiers in a fuel class at an NHRA event?

Just wondering ... What kind of rule change will NHRA make when an injected fuel car runs a four? We’ve already seen a 5.10/285+ lap this year and a four-second injected car is inevitable!

Just wondering ... Which addiction has caused more personal problems the Crown Royal alcohol brand or methanol brand alcohol?  

Just wondering ... How many 500-inch nitro-burning engines can you build for the price of one first class carbureted, 500-inch Pro Stock motor?
I’m putting the over and under at three.

Just wondering ... Is Richard Maskin starting to threaten Roland Leong’s long-standing record for the most drivers in a career as a professional team owner?

Just wondering ... How many fans are tuned in to see those NHRA broadcasts that in the Midwest and East aired completely or partially after midnight?

Just wondering ... Do Bill Bader Sr. and Jr. still attend IHRA board meetings? They still have two seats on that sanctioning body’s board of directors. I’d sure like to sit in on that board meeting if they did.  


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