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Just Wondering without any answers


Just wondering … Why is it that some people still think the only “legitimate” drag racing events are those National events sanctioned by either the NHRA or IHRA? Isn’t it true that the participation of racers, sponsors, media and ultimately the fans decide the legitimacy of a series? As far as I’m concerned, series such as the ADRL, ORSCA, NMCA, and Super Chevy series are every bit as “legitimate” as the NHRA or IHRA and evidently so do the fans, sponsors, racers and media.

Just wondering … Am I the only one who is a little suspicious of “official” news releases that only appear on a chat room or bulletin board?  

Just wondering … Who goofed I’ve got to know. The test-session/race put on by Competitionplus at South Georgia Motorsports Park yielded some of the quickest and fastest passes for North American Pro Mods in history yet almost no PR work was done by the racers’ on their behalf . And the racers wonder why they can’t get sponsorship or the attention of the mainstream press? It's not the responsbility of the promoter to promote the racers.

Just wondering … Why can’t any “Nostalgia” race other than the fabled March Meet at Bakersfield attract the reported 35-40,000 people that attended that event?

Just wondering … Is there any remaining doubt that if properly promoted and put on drag racing fans will attend events that feature fast door cars only? (Maybe it’s not just the nitro.)

Just wondering … Since many of the Japanese cars are now built completely in factories located in the USA by US workers, is the line between an “import” and an “American made” car getting blurred?

Just wondering … With IHRA/NHRA legal supercharged Pro Mods already going in the fives at over 240 mph in pre-season testing do nitrous oxide-injected cars running in those sanctioning bodies have a realistic chance to be competitive against supercharged/turbocharged combinations?

Just wondering … What is left for the IHRA tech department’s Mike Baker to give the nitrous cars that he hasn’t already given them?  The only option left to him is massive and radical changes for the supercharged racers. Why not just split the classes and be done with it? 

Just wondering … Have the NHRA finally realized that they can’t kill the ADRL or control their independent track owners, and decided to just let it be?

Just wondering … What happened to the so-called pure classes of drag racing? I’m talking about Stock, Super Stock, and Comp. With NHRA turning a “blind eye” to the use of devices that function as de facto delay boxes, have those classes just been added to the bracket classes like Super Comp, Super Street, and Super Gas? As a guy that started out racing in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator classes in the early Sixties and ran a Comp Eliminator car for a season a couple of years back it saddens me to see the intent of the class circumvented.

Just wondering … Can someone explain to me in simple terms why NHRA hasn't adjusted the indexes so that cars don’t have to run a second and a half under the index to qualify?

Just wondering … Why are some sportsman racers up in arms about being treated like the pros by being penalized for oiling the tracks?  Almost every sportsman racer I ever knew or team I was part of wanted to in the big show on Saturday and Sunday. Well, in my opinion, if you want to be part of the pro show on Saturday or Sunday and get your sponsors some ink like the pros then you should be held to the same standards they are. You can’t have it both ways. You can't be treated like a sportsman when that's to your benefit and then decided to be treated like a pro when you want those benefits.

Just wondering … Is just a matter of time before we see four or five team owners have all of the qualifiers in a fuel class at an NHRA event?

Just wondering … When is some group of smart businessmen going to start a circuit featuring A/FD and injected nitro Funny Cars? There are A/FD cars everywhere and I’d bet that if they had a place to race a lot of teams would build injected fuel coupes.

Just wondering … If Ashley Force wouldn’t welcome NOT being in the spotlight for a while and had the chance to just be a racer and learn her craft?

Just wondering … Which addiction has caused more personal problems cocaine or nitromethane?   

Just wondering … Why didn’t J.R. Todd’s major sponsor open his wallet and pay Jimmy Walsh and his main helper enough money to stay on? That team was on it way to big things and major media attention I thought.

Just wondering … How in hell can the Don Garlits Hall of Fame selection committee put an active racer, Kenny Bernstein, who no doubt deserves to be in the hall, and once again ignore Dale Armstrong? “AA Dale” should be inducted for his accomplishment as a driver alone, not to mention his accomplishments as Bernstein’s crew chief/tuner on both his Funny Car and Top Fueler. Oh, and one more little item: Ted Jones made the hall and he is one of the selectors (!) as well as a former division director. But there is hope as the politically incorrect Frank Bradley made it this year. . .so maybe next year for Dale.



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