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More Wondering

Just Wondering … How can any of us complain about the NHRA when almost none of us are willing to do what is necessary to change it?

Just Wondering … What’s your point? Recently a racer wrote me that he and 93 other racers paid $200+ to compete at a NHRA division event and when he got down to three cars his paycheck was $200.   

Just Wondering … What fans really like the Countdown to the Cahmpionship? DRO polled our readers on the subject and out of more than 2600 voters 73.5 percent hated it and 10 percent didn’t care. Are you listening NHRA Pro Racing?

Just Wondering … If Tommy Johnson Jr., Jeff Arend, or Whit Bazemore --all national event-winning drivers -- don’t get driving jobs next year will that indicate that today in the NHRA (unlike NASCAR) you have to bring money if you want to drive?

Just Wondering … Did you know that, according to crew chiefs I’ve talked to, most Top Fuel, Funny Cars and Pro Stockers gain only about FIVE mph between the 1,000-ft lights and the finish line?

Just Wondering … When are they going to have a sports book on the premises at the Strip at Las Vegas so I don’t have to drive into town to bet on the races?

Just Wondering … How is it that Bruton Smith could pay $340 million for the NASCAR track in New Hampshire but couldn’t find a way to come up with an offer over $120,000,000 for the NHRA’s four tracks, the office building in Glendora, and the “professional assets”? Something doesn’t smell right here.   

Just Wondering … If the NHRA is going to persist with the “Chase,” how about we award the winner of a race an extra point or two above what they will get when they cut the field to eight after Indy? That way the race wins prior to Indy mean something.

Just Wondering … Did NHRA get a ratings boost from the primetime slot on ESPN2 for the last four events?

Just Wondering … Why the NHRA honored the top ten Championship points earners at their recent year ending banquet but only paid the top eight points earners? You don’t suppose the fact that Ashley Force finished tenth in Funny Car points had anything to…. Nah, that couldn’t be it, could it?

Just Wondering … While I applaud the induction of Dave Wallace Jr. and Jon Lundberg into Don Garlits’ Drag Racing Hall of Fame, I can’t help hoping that journalist/photographer Ralph Guldahl Jr., editor/publisher Neil Britt and the journalist/magazine publishing company owner Adrian Lopez get recognized and inducted into that same hall soon. Those three men had a huge influence on drag racing journalists and journalism.

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who misses cars that had names on the side instead of nothing but corporate logos and contingency decals? I know, I know, it’s about the money! Maybe that’s one reason why I like Pro Mods.

Just Wondering … If and when Steve Gibbs officially announces the NHRA- backed, West Coast only, nostalgia series -- which evidently is waiting for NHRA board approval -- will the NHRA media department support and promote it?  

Just Wondering … What next, past champion provisionals in Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock?

Just Wondering … Once more what is the purpose of the endless driver introductions at the racetrack that no one except those in the Top Eliminator club seats can see? If they cut out those worthless, pointless, BS exercises maybe they wouldn’t have had to finish the World Finals in the dark!

Just Wondering … When will they officially declare the NHRA sport compact series dead?

Just Wondering … What’s it say about the racers’ support of the series when the NHRA has a big deal banquet at the SEMA Show and the defending Top Fuel Champ is a no-show?  

Just Wondering … What are the odds on Bruton Smith: A) Finishing the Charlotte dragstrip in time for the 2008 season. B) Owning the NHRA Pro Racing series before the end of the 2008 season. C) Holding a news conference about A&B? No bet; odds for it happening off the board.

Just Wondering … Will GM follow Ford and Chrysler and develop a Top Fuel Funny Car engine?

Just Wondering … Am I the only one who thinks John Force’s doctors ought to sedate him before he hurts himself permanently? I’ve seen many racers like him come back too soon and really damage themselves beyond help.

Just Wondering … Who knew Mike Neff could drive a race car…aside from the John Force people?

Just Wondering … Is the fact that Bob Tasca III has factory support for a nitro Funny Car team in 2008 is really what is driving Force?

Just Wondering … Should all championships for NHRA professional classes have an asterisk in the history books after this season?

Just Wondering … Will the Lucas Oil sportsman series be the next to have a “Chase” program. If it is good enough for the Pros why not generate a little excitement for the sportsman?

Just Wondering … Wouldn’t this be a good time for John Force to write his autobiography and a screenplay about his life with his PR person, Dave Densmore?

Just Wondering … How thrilled Greg Anderson, Ken Black and Summit Racing are with the Countdown program?

Just Wondering … Did anyone actually notice more “mainstream” media interest in NHRA drag racing as a result of the “Countdown to the Championship” format?

Just Wondering … Do Morgan Lucas and Melanie Troxel lie awake at night just wondering what might have been?