Ron Lewis snapped this photo at the NHRA race in Houston.
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And the winner of last month’s contest is

"You know, Ole Sven is best driver in Finland but he don hear so well cause of dem loud pipes. I toll him let's work on dis ting and thrash it... he tought I say let's jerk off dis wing and trash it. Poor Sven. Where he put my wing?” - Patrick Perry Flower Mound, TX

Honorable mentions

  • Gold Key Parking, 2008 Gatornationals - Eugene Wagner, Boca Raton, Florida
  • “I think I hurt his feeling when I told him his Top Fueler ran like garbage." - Karl Wortman, Akron, Oh
  • "Wait... Don't touch it!!! You remember what happened when WJ's guys thought Toliver left his body for scrap...." - Paul Songas, Stacy, MN
  • “Now I see what they mean: One man's trash is another man's treasure!" - Eddie Ray, Michigan
  • The recycling area at DSR - paper, plastic, Cory Mac. - Kenny Shane, New York
  • One man's eurotrash is another man's eurotreasure! - Adam Foreman, Brisbane, Australia