Todd Dziadosz snapped this shot while at the Gatornationals. What’s your caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

" Meet R.E.Kleiner, erstwhile nephew of the late NHRA Chief Starter, Buster Couch.” - John McLellan, Hartford, MI

Honorable mentions

  • “ OIL DOWN ? No I just spilled my beer!” - Ron Ogilvie, Las Vegas, NV
  • “ We found the tow vehicle for that jet powered sofa a couple of issues back!” - Adam Foreman, Brisbane, Australia
  • " I don't know what it is, but I want one!” - Jim Gleason, Kimberly, AL
  • “ It's my new version of a mobility chair, but NHRA will still wants the $10 pit vehicle registration for it!" - Steve Harvey, Waterloo, IA